How to design your project brochure ?

You should use Google Chrome when you are doing this assignment , other browsers will not let you find the download link.

Prepare a brochure/handout about your demo for visitors:

  1. Download from here the blank handout.(SAVE TARGET AS)

  2. Use your own text and photos/figures to prepare the handout.

  3. Change the name of handout as "Your project name 2013"

  4. Change the banner and the contact information at the top of the page

  5. Find a website to generate QR codes (such as: or

  6. Generate 2 QR codes for you Youtube Movie link and your website link.

  7. Copy and paste the QR code pictures on your brochure.

  8. Upload it by Attaching/Adding it to your demo page or home page in your website.DO NOT USE GOOGLE DOCS !

  9. After the attachment done.Move your mouse on download arrow and by right click "copy link address" of your attachment.

  10. Write the statement " Click here to download the handout" on your HOMEPAGE and add/paste the link by using link button for direct download ,like the 1st step of this assignment above here.

  11. If you are presenting your demo in stem expo (such as STEM FESTIVAL OR I-SWEEEP public day) , your teacher will print out enough to share with visitors.

  12. So this assignment should be completed before the STEM FESTIVAL or before your teacher submits your website to 2013 website contest (