Gravity Car Race

Rules of the Race

• Build a car that will move when a load is released from the pulley of the car

(the pulley must be part of the car and move with the car).

• The only force allowed on the vehicle must be the load hung on the pulley.

• The maximum allowed height of the pulley is 1 meter only.

• A car may contain one pulley and one load only.

• The cars do not have to have 4 wheels, but all cars must have at least 1 wheel.

• The distance recorded will be measured perpendicular to the starting line.

• A team may contain a maximum of three students.

• All cars will be inspected before the race.


• The winner will be the car which travels the longest distance.

• The three winning places will be identified and they will receive mystery prizes.

• The participants will receive bonus marks from their respective Physics teachers.

• All participants will receive a certificate.

• A Best Designed Car award will be awarded.

Gravity Car Race T-shirt Design Challenge

• Each class has to design, print and wear their own t-shirts.

• Each class is allowed to have one design and color only.

• On the T-shirts there must be the title: "Gravity Car Race".

• The class of Best Designed T-Shirt will be awarded.

• Please note: This copy of the t-shirt will be kept for judging and not returned.

Gravity Car Race Video Clip Challenge

• After the race each class will receive the footage of their cars racing and be challenged to edit the video into the coolest video clip.

• Prizes will be awarded for the best video clips submitted.