Chemical storage room safety regulations

For chemical storage rooms; separate AC system, ventilation and storage furniture should be maintained locally by each campus.

In the chemical storage rooms;

  • AC system should be separate that will operate non-stop with constant temperature.

  • The ventilation system must exhaust the air to the outside using a continuous floor-to-ceiling method.

  • The air is to be exhausted to the outside of the building and not allowed to be recirculated back into the room.

  • It should be separated from main AC system.

  • Recommended flow rate is 6 changes per hour.

In chemical storage rooms there are 3 required items as furniture

  1. Chemical Shelving System

  2. Acid Cabinet

  3. Flammables Cabinet

These items should have already been purchased, please make sure they are used in the storage room. Chemicals are organized in a shelving system, acids are in acid cabinet and flammables should be in the flammable cabinet

If your campus does not have any of these items, please purchase, there is enough budget designated to safety items for labs.

Here are the links of shells, cabinets and disposal containers that you should purchase for safety regulations for the chemical storage room. They do not need any installation. Please do not use any metallic cabinets or shelves for the chemical storage room.

Cabinets and Shelves



(Please make sure they will be located in the chemical storage room as soon as they arrived. Some teachers think these are bookshelves and they are used to be found in other teachers' rooms )

MSDS Sheets binder: (One of the essential material that the fire marshall will ask when they visit your campus)

WASTE DISPOSAL CONTAINERS (For all chemistry, biology and biomedical labs, if you have not purchased yet)