Lab Safety

Safety and Facilities

Texas Safety Standards for Kindergarten–Grade 12

A guide to the laws, rules, regulations, and safety procedures for classroom, laboratory, and field investigations. Endorsed by the Texas Education Agency.

Science Facilities Standards: Kindergarten–Grade 12 (Texas Version)

A planning guide for designing indoor facilities and outdoor learning areas for Texas schools.

An Analysis of Laboratory Safety in Texas (pdf 2.4mb)

Reports the results of a survey of the types and frequency of laboratory accidents in Texas public schools, the facts associated with such accidents, and the practices of schools with respect to laboratory assignments.

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Use this site as a visual tool to see best practices in the lab -

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Both current and prospective science teachers can take Flinn's free, online School Laboratory Safety Course and become "Flinn Certified" in school laboratory safety. Choose from either our high school or middle school course. More than 140 videos available on topics from Goggle Safety to Teacher Liability. In addition, you'll also find more free videos discussing Chemical Store Room Clean-up, Safe Laboratory Design, Science Classroom Safety and the Law, and Frequently Asked Safety Questions.

Over 1300 MSDS written specifically for science instructors teaching at a middle school, high school or community college are available. Flinn MSDS are continually updated to provide you with the latest safety information available.

Articles to help you safely store, use, handle and dispose of laboratory chemicals.

Demonstrations and articles to promote safe eye protection in your laboratory.

A wealth of information to help you create safe laboratory conditions for you and your students.

The foundation of any school science safety program begins with establishing safety rules and assessing student understanding of those rules. Flinn offers safety contracts and safety exams in English and Spanish for high schools and middle schools.

Common questions asked by Flinn customers. Answers and helpful solutions are provided.

Links to teacher-selected safety websites.

Unique safety products that work

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