USA Photo Contest

Basic steps to do photo contest

    1. Registration for competition

      • Take photo and write its physics principle with 250 words or less

      • Send email to teacher by due date ,the photo and its text is attached

      • If the teacher approves photo and text , he will give a number to the photo

    2. Exhibition of photos and elimination for final

      • the teacher prints out in color each photo and its text , also the registration number is on the corner of printed page

      • all printed papers are posted somewhere in the school where all staff can easily see

      • the teachers gives all school staff a paper in which it is written "Choose your favorite 5 photos.Write their numbers"

      • The 5-6 finalist will be selected from that favorite ones

    3. Final

      • there will be a scientific judge for final

      • students will present their photos and answer the judging questions