MY CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION & Dr. Rod Paige (7th U.S. Secretary of Education)

Dr. Rod Paige is the first school superintendent ever to serve as Secretary of Education. His vast experience as a practitioner—from the blackboard to the boardroom—paid off during the long hours of work needed to pass President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB).

Distinguished Visitors of USS NIMITZ and Guest of Commander Naval Air Forces

In 2017, I am selected as a Distinguished Visitors (DV) in the nation by U.S Navy for serving as a STEM Educator and actively involving, promoting Navy STEM programs.

The USS NIMITZ is the biggest warship in the world. There are so many physics concepts to experience on the carrier.

The “Celebration of STEM Education Week in Texas” (CSEWT) committee recognized and rewarded LEVENT SAKAR in leadership category

100% passing rate in Texas EOC (End of Course Test) in Physics (best in the state of TX)

for all teachers who have been thru Levent Sakar's training and coaching.