iPADs are Mini , Contest is Great !

STEM / PBL Website CONTEST 2014

by "Student On the Stage" (S.O.S) Model

Dear Teacher, you can start submitting your student website from here.

UNTIL MARCH 30th, 2014

Website submission will be done by PBL mentor teachers.Students cannot do submission.

Dear Students, you can follow all submitted projects from here

70* iPAD Mini for all Students and Teachers

*Number of iPADs will vary depending on the submissions for each category

  • Around 5000 High school students with 150 science and math teachers are working on Google sites for their STEM/PBL projects.

  • Each Google site also include a page about Schools , YouTube video presentation and a brochure uploaded about their projects with ELA and SS connections

  • In order to motivate them we decided to make a contest as a component of S.O.S Model (Student On The Stage). The awards are great ! Around 70 mini iPADs for all Students and Teachers.

  • We think it will be good idea if computer science and engineering departments also participate.

  • All 8-12 grades who are 13 or older can participate.

  • Your website should have;

  1. A page about your STEM /PBL project with original content (text, pictures, movies, graphs, etc ... should be your own production)

  2. A page about your school and a little bit about yourself.No private information, nor identifying information such as your full name or your pets name:)

  3. A YouTube Movie Presentation of your project with original content, no violation of copyrights or confidentiality.

  4. A brochure** file that briefly introduce your project. It will be attached/uploaded to your website and should be available to download.

  5. A homepage in which your YouTube presentation is inserted and your brochure** download link is visible.

  6. ELA component

  7. SS Connection

  • Click here for a sample Homepage. (this is from 2011, new websites should also have ELA and SS pages)

  • Sample Brochure/handout; Click here to download the sample handout , How to design the brochure

  • Click here for sample about me (my school) page

  • Click here for a sample PBL page about your project

  • Websites and movies should be produced this education year (2013-2014).

  • Teachers are responsible to have signed media release forms of the student who appear in the movies and photos.

  • A student can participate with more than one website

  • Each student can win maximum one iPad and minimum zero iPad :)

  • If there are group projects, the teacher will summit the website with one student name and if they win the iPad they will divide the iPad into equal pieces and share it :)

  • There is no judging but voting !

  • After the submission, your website or movie will be checked and approved for the voting. If it is rejected, do not give up, update your site and request it to be checked again.

  • Submission will end and the finalists for voting will be announced on March 25th.

  • Voting will start April 1st

  • Voting will end and iPad winners will be announced on May 1st.

** Around 10-18 teachers who submit the most student websites will also win iPads. Only approved submissions will be counted for the teacher award.

  • You do not need to worry about number of categories , because the number of awards will be determined according to the number of submitted finalist websites for each category.

  • Even if your students are working websites other than Google sites , you can still summit their websites.

  • I have right to change all the rules and categories in time.

  • It will never be a perfect contest. We cannot make everyone happy.But having a bad contest that you can win ipads is always better than not having the contest :)

  • For any comment and suggestions, please email to : hsa.virtual.sci@gmail.com

  • Number of iPads an awards for each website category will be 1/5 of approved website submissions

  • Total number of iPad will not exceed 70. If there are to many approved submissions, the number of ipads for each category will be arranged again

  • The categories that has few submissions will be combined under one category

  • Formula for website final points to win the award

    • FINAL WEBSITE POINT = A * B + C + 2 * D

      • A = Number of votes for the website

      • B = Average Rating for the website

      • C = Number of views for the YouTube movie presentation inserted on homepage of the website

      • D = Number of likes for the YouTube movie presentation inserted on homepage of the website (dislikes will not be taken into consideration)

      • C and D numbers after 1st November 2013 will be counted

Here is a sample contest from last years

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Stem Website Contest 2012