Watermelon vs Rubber Bands

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Rules of the Competition

• Teams need to have their own watermelons.

• Teams need to have their own rubber bands. Approximately 300-500 rubber bands.

• The only pressure allowed on the watermelon is the pressure of the rubber bands.

• Teams may have a circular shaped object to keep the watermelon upright.

• A team may contain a maximum of four students.

• All students are advised to wear a lab coat or own designed t-shirt.

• All students must wear lab goggles, protective eyewear or sunglasses.

• Teams need to have their own camcorders to record their watermelon explosion. Your parents may help you for recording.

• All watermelons will be inspected before the competition.

• After the competition teams need to clean their tables. Please have some cleaning material (i.e. tissue).