• The place, you are planning to work at should have adequate space for solar car molds and work.

  • It is better to find a shop or a kind of high ceiling storage like place. You will do welding and grinding that results in fume and plenty of dust. OR with ~$3000 investment, fume extractors and welding mats(for flooring) can be used indoors.

  • DO NOT forget you will need to move it out. :) So, it is better to have room that has double doors, open directly to outside.

Dimensions of the Solar Car

  • length = 5 meters;

  • height = 1.6 meters;

  • width = 1.8 meters.

  • Minimum height is 1 meter.

When turning corners, wheels and wheel fastenings may exceed these dimensions. Fins, antennas, and other aesthetic components may not be used to meet the minimum height requirement. Antennas may extend above the maximum height requirement.