08. Background Research Plan

Please click the following link: Background Research Plan

Congratulations! Now you know the topic of your project! But before you rush into a Science Lab to conduct the experiments, you must understand why it is necessary to work on your Background Research Plan.
1- You must make a small research to understand and design your Experiment. 
2- But to understand and design your experiment, you must finalize your Hypothesis. 
3- You can not have your Hypothesis unless you identify the variables (Independent, Dependent, Constants).
4- In order to identify the variables correctly, you need to have a good background knowledge on the area that you like to study.
5- To make a research and acquire that Background Knowledge, you must make a plan and identify the questions that you need to find answers to. If you skip this important step that is called as Background Research Plan, as many novice students do, you might end up with either one or some of the following:
    i)  failing to understand the concept of the project and as a result, wrongly identifying the variables and as a result wasting the whole time, money and effort.
    ii) identifying the variables correctly but failing to keep constants as constant and as a result wasting a good experiment.
    iii) failing to modify the independent variable correctly and as a result having inconsistent data that doesn't help very much to draw a conclusion.
    iv) failing to measure the dependent variable(s) correctly and missing many important data and wasting the experiment.
    v)  failing to predict the timeline of the project and not being able to finish it by its due date.
To prevent all these shortcomings, please follow the steps explained in this link: Background Research Plan. This guide is a great tool to identify the questions that you need to work for Background Research Paper. Below, you will type the questions that you will work on to understand the topic. 
Please type your questions here (minimum 10):