05. Science Fair Topic Selection

If you haven't decided your Science Fair Topic yet, you can check out www.ScienceBuddies.org's The Topic Selection Wizard. You may also choose to browse hundreds of project ideas at Science Fair Project Ideas as well. Please do not restrict yourself with these websites. You don't have to use these websites to find your project idea. You can get the idea of your project from anywhere you want as long as you refrain from plagiarism


 What type of projects are allowed?

You are expected to work on an experimental investigation that is appropriate to your age and grade level.

You are expected to design an experiment to test your hypothesis.

Experimental Investigation as it is described by Texas Education Agency: The variables are measured in an effort to gather evidence to support or not support a causal relationship. This is often called a ―controlled experiment.


PROJECT IDEAS that are NOT allowed:

To learn more on what type of project ideas you should be avoiding because they are not approved by school and the reason behind it, please use this link from Science Buddies: Project Ideas to AVOID

After you click on the link, scroll down on the opened new page to see the table with heading "Science Project Topics to Avoid".