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186 1st annual School Festival 2012 Photo Album High School HSA Houston High 
185 Chem Demo Contest Photo Album High School HSA Houston High 
184 Food Testing Video High School HSA San Antonio 
183 HSA-SA Science Expo Video High School HSA San Antonio 
182 Centripetal Force Lab Photo Album High School HSA SA 
181 Team Iron Panda Video High School HSA Houston High Students 
180 Iron Panda FCT Video High School HSA Houston High Students 
179 Sound Tubes Video High School HSA Houston High Students 
178 Science Film Festival 1. Place Video High School HSA SA Students 
177 Regional Science Fair Competition 2012 Video High School Discovery School of Tulsa 
176 Fox23 TV News High/Middle School DSA Tulsa 
175 Centriperal Force - Physics Video High School HSA Houston High Students 
174 Iron Panda - Robotics Photo Album High School HSA Houston High 
173 FTC South East Tournaments Photo Album High School HSA - Advancement/Houston 
172 Grand Opening Ceremony Photo Album High School HSS High Sugarland 
171 Science Exhibition (Stem EXPO ) - SHORT VERSION Video High School Discovery School of Tulsa 
170 Science Exhibition (Stem EXPO ) - LONG VERSION Video Middle school Discovery School of Tulsa 
169 Impulse momentum relation 2 Video High School Students / HSA Houston High 
168 Impulse Momentum Relation 1 Video High School Students / HSA Houston High 
167 Impulse-Momentum Video High School HSA - San Antonio 
163 Physics Photo Contest Movie Video High School V.Sonmez / HSA Houston High 
162 Plasma Ball Video Middle school DSA Tulsa 
161 Christmas Play For Charity Video High School HSA El Paso Robotics 
160 Robotics Teams in ABC7 Video High School HSA El Paso Robotics 
159 Chess Tournament Video Middle school DSA O. City 
158 DSA News - Sat Classes Video High School DSA Tulsa 
157 Water Resources Contest Video High School DSA Tulsa 
156 TIS Harmony Science Academy Live Surgery Video High School Dallas' Texas Institute for Surgery 
155 Science Fair Local News News High School HSA -Beaumont  
154 Inertia Demo by Sandra 4 Video High School HSA Houston High Student 
153 Blog for technology projects Website Middle school Isabel Williams 
152 static electricity Photo Album Middle school Mehmet Ali Guney 
151 Mr Hasan Photo Gallery Website Middle school HSE Houston 
150 Cinco Ranch 2011 Photo Album Middle school HSE Houston 
149 Anti Gravity Mirror and Bubbles Video Middle school Discovery School of TULSA 
148 Rainbow Paper Video Middle school Discovery School of Tulsa 
147 Plasma Ball Video Middle school DoveScienceAcademy Tulsa 
146 Infinity Mirror Video High School HSA Houston High Student 
145 Inertia Demo by Dana Video High School HSA Houston High Student 
144 Inertia Demo by Sandra 3 Video High School HSA Houston High Student 
143 Inertia Demo by Sandra 2 Video High School HSA Houston High Student 
142 Inertia Demo by Sandra 1 Video High School HSA Houston High Student 
141 Stem Conference STEM Show Video High School Harmony Schools 
140 HSA-SA Corn Starch Video High School Toraman Yayla 
139 HSA-SA Gummy Bear Video High School Toraman Yayla 
138 HSA-SA Magic Milk Video High School Toraman Yayla 
137 HSA-SA Food Testing Video High School Toraman Yayla 
136 HSA-SA Chemical Reactions Video High School Toraman Yayla 
135 Building a Pump for Biomed class-1st Part Video High School Emil Jivishov  
134 Siren, Center of Gravity,Bouncy Egg and Lava Lamp Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
133 Hydrogen Balloon Explosion Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
132 Salty Water Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
131 I-SWEEEP 2011 Intro Video High/Middle School I-SWEEEP 
130 T-Shirt Design Contest Photo Album High School Bunyamin Murat 
129 Color Changing Milk Video Middle school Ali simsek 
128 Transparent Compass Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
127 Biomedical activites at HS of Ingenuity Website High School Emil Jivishov 
126 FRC Robotics- Waco Website High School Maksat Altiyev 
125 BEST robotics - Waco Website High School Maksat Altiyev 
124 Making STEM Accessible PART 1 Video High School Levent Sakar 
123 Making STEM Accessible PART 2 Video High School Levent Sakar 
122 PASCO - Laws of Motion Lab Photo Album High School Bilal Sengez 
121 Water and Air Pressure Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
120 Heart Rate & Body Position Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
119 Heavy and Light Gas Video High School Bilal Sengez 
118 Science Rodeo Day Video High School Bilal Sengez 
117 Shaking Hand Game Video High School Bilal Sengez 
116 Hydrogen Car 1 Video Middle school Fatma Donmez 
115 Disappearing Cup (Acetone) Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
114 Heart Rate & Body Position Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
113 Robotics Team @ Discovery School Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
112 Making STEM Accessible Video High School Levent Sakar 
111 Stem Conference Tuesday -15th Photo Album High/Middle School Levent Sakar 
110 Stem Conference Monday -14th Photo Album High/Middle School Levent Sakar 
109 Stem Expo MATH Photo Album High School Ms Unal + Ms Yoon 
108 Egg into a bottle Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
107 Candle Tricks Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
106 Mini Hovercraft Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
105 Chemistry - Solubility Video High School Selma Sakar 
104 FLL Robotics Team Website Website Middle school Elif Butunay 
103 Robotics Class website Website Middle school Elif Butunay 
102 Innovation in STEM Conference News High/Middle School Cosmos 
101 Science Olympiad Website High/Middle School Elif Butunay 
100 FROG DISSECTION Photo Album High School Bunyamin Murat 
099 DNA-CRIMINAL LAB. Photo Album High School Bunyamin Murat 
098 Harmony Butterfly Video High School Levent Sakar 
097 Scott Hochberg Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
096 HUMAN CIRCUIT Video Middle school Mugire Ayci 
095 Bed of Nails Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
094 Volcano Eruption Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
093 Tammi Wallace Photo Album High School H Vehbi Sonmez 
092 Dr.Mary S. Spangler Photo Album High School H Vehbi Sonmez 
091 Governor Mike Beebe Photo Album High School Parahat Recepov 
090 THV's Pam Baccam News High School Parahat Recepov 
089 Gov. Mike Beebe Video High School Parahat Recepov 
088 LISA Academy formally opens News High School Parahat Recepov 
087 Dr. Willie W. Herenton Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
086 Texas Repr. Pete Gallego Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
085 Texas Repr. Donna Howard Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
084 Mrs. Doris Robbins.T-STEM Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
083 Monkey and Hunter Video High School Cevad Cevik 
082 CO2 PRODUCING Video Middle school Mugire Ayci 
081 FIRE EXTINGUISHER Video Middle school Mugire Ayci 
080 Charter School Leaders Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
079 Charter school leaders News High School Levent Sakar 
078 Simple Circuit 2 Video Middle school Mugire Ayci 
077 Simple Circuit 1 Video Middle school Mugire Ayci 
076 Fox TV Vice President Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
075 Spaghetti Bridge 2011 Video High School Adem Kahraman 
074 Popsicle Stick Bridge Photo Album High School Serkan Demirel 
073 Solid Water(!) Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
072 Unstoppable Bubbles Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
071 Skewer Through Balloon Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
070 Science Trip Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
069 Molecule Modeling Photo Album Middle school Mugire Ayci 
068 Bed of Nails Photo Album High School Adem Kahraman 
064 Dry Ice Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
063 Smoke Rings Video Middle school Ali Simsek 
062 Experiment - Energy Video High School Cevad Cevik 
061 Science Bowl Photo Album Middle school Fatma Donmez 
057 Hydrolysis Experiment Photo Album Middle school Mugire Ayci 
054 Silver Star Video High School Selma Sakar 
053 Spaghetti Bridge Video High School Fatih Kocaeli 
052 Hatching Eggs Competition Photo Album Middle school Suleyman Gecmenler 
051 Bed of Nails Video High School Levent Sakar 
050 Bubbles-1 Video High School Levent Sakar 
049 Waterrocket Launch Video High School Fatih Kocaeli 
048 Summer Sci. Training  Photo Album High School Serkan Demirel 
047 Spaghetti Bridge Poster High School Serkan Demirel 
046 Popsicle Stick Bridge Photo Album High School Serkan Demirel 
045 Water Suspension Video High School Bilal Sengez 
044 Fingertip Reaction Time Video High School Cevad Cevik 
043 Lemon Drop Video Middle school Adem Kahraman 
042 Egg and Bottle Video High School Adem Kahraman 
041 Magnetic Levitron Video High School Adem Kahraman 
040 Hovercraft Video High School Adem Kahraman 
039 Spaghetti Bridge Photo Album High School Adem Kahraman 
038 T-Shirt Design Photo Album Middle school Resul Aslan 
037 Snow Crystals Photo Album Middle school Resul Aslan 
036 Class Decoration-2 Photo Album Middle school Resul Aslan 
035 Class Decoration-1 Photo Album Middle school Resul Aslan 
032 Real Image 1 Video High School Levent Sakar 
031 Mentos - Diet Coke Video High School Selma Sakar 
030 Balloon Helicopter Video High School Levent Sakar 
029 Straw Through a Potato Video High School Levent Sakar 
028 Air Resistance Video High School Levent Sakar 
027 Surface Tension Video High School Levent Sakar 
026 Acid Base Indicators Video High School Selma Sakar 
025 Instant Snow Video High School Selma Sakar 
024 Toro Flux Video High School Levent Sakar 
023 Gyroscope Video High School Levent Sakar 
022 Gravity Tubes Video High School Levent Sakar 
021 Index of Refraction Video High School Levent Sakar 
020 Resonance 4 -Singing Rod Video High School Levent Sakar 
019 Resonance 3 Video High School Levent Sakar 
018 Resonance 2 Video High School Levent Sakar 
017 Resonance 1 Video High School Levent Sakar 
016 NITINOL : "shape memory alloy" Video High School Levent Sakar 
015 Water Rocket 2010 Houston Video High School Levent Sakar 
014 Virtual Image Video High School Levent Sakar 
013 Scientific T-Shirt Design Competition 2010 Video High School Levent Sakar 
012 Spaghetti Bridge 2010 Houston Video High School Levent Sakar 
011 Mini Hovercraft Video High School Levent Sakar 
010 Dee Chambliss I-SWEEEP Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
009 Rod Paige Visit Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
008 Austin Capitol Stem Expo 2011 Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
007 Mayor Annise Parker  Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
006 Interview with LEVENT SAKAR News High School Levent Sakar 
005 Dragon Illusion Video High School Levent Sakar 
004 Inertia Lecture Demo - HSA Video High School Levent Sakar 
003 Anti-Gravity Mirror 1 Video High School Levent Sakar 
002 I-SWEEEP Stem Expo Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
001 Spaghetti Bridge Photo Album High School Levent Sakar 
Showing 173 items