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STEM Contest 2015

Dear Teacher, you can start submitting  your students' websites from here.
UNTIL MAY 1st, 2015
Website submission will be done by PBL mentor teachers.Students cannot do submission.
For 1 website you can submit up to 3 students as group. Just enter the name of the team leader, not all students name !
Dear Students, you can follow all submitted projects from here
Student will receive certificate after the completion of their websites
Sample projects from last year***

Physics project about center of mass: 
Biology project about protein synthesis;
Chemistry project about chromatography
Algebra project: Uni Dog;
Geometry project: String Design
3D design for an Engineering Project
Computer Science project about binary systems:

*** Please note that there are some updates for last years' tasks
Please also submit your Video Presentation (Digital Story) to DISTCO PBL 
by March 27th, 2015!
For 1 movie you can submit up to 5 students as group

      • Mathematics PBL
      • Science PBL
  • Ensure that your digital story will have following components:
    • Pictures, captions, sound and narration with your own voice
    • Videos are optional
  • Check out Video and Text tutorials ion this page for more information on how to create and submit your work to DISTCO PBL.
  • You could win iPads, iPods, and Gift Cards....