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Fume Hood and Exhaust Fan for CHEMISRY LABS

  1. Purchase Fume Hood and required accessories (Contact person for from fisher scientific :Wilk, Kimberly A. [])
  2. Find a technician in your area to install fume hood (costs around $3000)
  3. Purchase exhaust fan and install (Contact Person: Jim Nesbit – Flinn Scientific (
P.S. ;These are the requirements for Chemistry Labratory, not for chemical storage room. For Chemical Storage room requirements click here
Fume Hood and required accessories;
  1. Labconco Basic* Laboratory Hoods Quantity : 1
  2. Labconco* Protector* Standard Storage Cabinets Quantity : 1
  3. Labconco* Flat Work Surfaces Quantity : 1
  4. Labconco Duplexes for Basic Hoods Quantity : 1
  5. Brady Admittance Signs “Notice Authorized Personnel Only” Quantity : 1
Contact person for from fisher scientific :Wilk, Kimberly A. [

Ask for discount and make cc to when you request a quote.

For Houston area, you may contact Superior Lab services to install fume hoods.

Jasin W. Monk

Sales Department

Superior Laboratory Services, Inc.

1710 Preston, Suite A 

Pasadena, TX 77503

Office: 713-477-9247

Fax: 713-477-9248


Contact Person: Jim Nesbit – Flinn Scientific (
Ask for discount...

Flinn Dilutit™ Laboratory Exhaust System, AP1690, etc.

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Mar 5, 2013, 12:26 PM