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Name of ItemWith Student HandoutModuleConceptCategoryLink 1Link 2Link 3Link 4Link 5Classroom Activity Kit
Drum Spinner No SHM & Waves Amplification Sci Toys/Decorations      
Freezing Motion of Water No SHM & Waves Resonance Construction Projects Youtube      
Sinking Ship No Fluids & Thermodynamics Desnity, Bernoulli Principle Construction Projects YouTube      
Repelling Water No Electricity & Magnetism Diamagnetism  Construction Projects YouTube arvindguptatoys     
Skipping rope No SHM & Waves Standing Waves Simple Demo 2 anti-node Jump Rope Skipping Rope Activity      
Liquid Crystal Sheet No Fluids & Thermodynamics Heat Demo Materials Arbor YouTube     
Capsule No Kinematics & Dynamics Force of Friction Home Experiment Youtube      
Bicycle wheel gyro No Circular & Rotational Motion Angular Momentum Construction Projects Pasco      
SHM with a car and a track No SHM & Waves SHM graphs Construction Projects Youtube      
Floating light/diet coke No Fluids & Thermodynamics Fluid dynamics , density Home Experiment Folder Youtube     
Rotating Wheel No Circular & Rotational Motion Torque, Angular Momentum Construction Projects Quiz Answer     
Air Swimmers No Fluids & Thermodynamics Fluid dynamics Sci Toys/Decorations Youtube     
Wireless Communicator No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Photocells Construction Projects YouTube - intro YouTube - how it works     
Straw Flute No SHM & Waves Sound Simple Demo YouTube      
Magnify with water No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Refraction, converging lense Home Experiment YouTube      
Rocket Balloon No Energy & Momentum Rocket Repulsion Construction Projects YouTube teachersource Amazon    
Helium and Sulfur Hexafluoride No SHM & Waves low and high pitch Construction Projects YouTube      
Electric Swing No Electricity & Magnetism Lorentz Force Construction Projects Youtube      
Music Box No SHM & Waves Sound transfer in different medium Construction Projects YouTube Arbor     
Rolling Back Can No Energy & Momentum Cons. of Energy Construction Projects you tube YouTube arvindguptatoys    
Water Rocket No Energy & Momentum Rocket Repulsion Construction Projects Competition  teachersource amazon    
Bell in a jar No SHM & Waves Sound Waves Construction Projects YouTube      
Van De Graaff Generator No Electricity & Magnetism Electrostatic Demo Materials Winsco Pasco YouTube    
Solar bag No Fluids & Thermodynamics heat transfer Demo Materials stevespangler arbor YouTube    
Pocket Sound Blaster No SHM & Waves Frequency, Wave Length and Pitch Sci Toys/Decorations YouTube     
Baloon in a Bottle No Fluids & Thermodynamics Athmospheric Pressure Simple Demo Youtube      
Scattering of light No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Diffraction Construction Projects YouTube YouTube YouTube    
Resonating plank No SHM & Waves Resonance Construction Projects You Tube      
Newton`s Cradle No Energy & Momentum Elastic collision Demo Materials YouTube YouTube     
Air Rocket No Energy & Momentum Rocket Repulsion & Projectile Motion Sci Toys/Decorations Amazon      
Thunder Drums No SHM & Waves Amplification of sound Sci Toys/Decorations Arbor Youtube amazon   
String thing No Kinematics & Dynamics Projectile Motion - Range Sci Toys/Decorations String Thing YouTube     
Holes in a bottle No Fluids & Thermodynamics Liquid Pressure Construction Projects Youtube      
Metal resonance strips No SHM & Waves relationship between the frequency and wavelength Demo Materials Pasco      
Walking On Eggs No Fluids & Thermodynamics Pressure Home Experiment YouTube YouTube     
Half Life of m & m No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Radioactivity Construction Projects YouTube YouTube YouTube    
The Wilberforce Pendulum No SHM & Waves Oscillations Construction Projects You Tube You Tube     
Balloon Powered Car No Energy & Momentum Rocket repulsion Sci Toys/Decorations Amazon YouTube Amazon Competition   
Coupled Pendulum (SHM in 2D) No SHM & Waves Oscillations Construction Projects You Tube      
Chladni Plates No SHM & Waves Resonance Demo Materials PASCO YouTube YouTube Music with Plates   
Set of hands-on for Bernoulli Principle No Fluids & Thermodynamics Bernoulli Principle Simple Demo Student Youtube Video     
Gyroscope toys No Circular & Rotational Motion Rotational dynamics Sci Toys/Decorations YouTube YouTube     
Space Phone No SHM & Waves Transfer of sound waves Sci Toys/Decorations YouTube amazon     
Nitinol No Fluids & Thermodynamics Shape memory alloy Demo Materials Grand-illusions Youtube     
Tibetan Singing Bowl No SHM & Waves Resonance Demo Materials YouTube      
Chain Drop No Kinematics & Dynamics Tension and Net Force Home Experiment YouTube Playlist      
Tipsy Bottle No Fluids & Thermodynamics Pressure Construction Projects youtube website     
Constructive or Destructive interference  No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Interference  Demo Materials YouTube      
Polarization of Light  No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Polarization Construction Projects YouTube YouTube YouTube    
Convection in the high chimney No Fluids & Thermodynamics Convection Demo Materials Youtube      
Resonating wire loop No SHM & Waves standing waves on a closed circular wire Construction Projects pasco      
Bottomless Bottle No Fluids & Thermodynamics Pascal Principle Home Experiment Flinn Scientific YouTube     
Amazing Secret Monitor  No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Polarization of light Construction Projects YouTube1 YouTube2 Youtube3    
Cyclotron Model No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Particle Acceleretor Construction Projects YouTube YouTube     
Ripple Tank No SHM & Waves Interference  Demo Materials Pasco YouTube YouTube YouTube   
Spinning Bernoulli Balloons  No Fluids & Thermodynamics Bernoulli Principle Home Experiment YouTube      
Mouse traps and chain reactions No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Chain Reactions Construction Projects YouTube      
Thermoelectric Converter No Fluids & Thermodynamics  2nd Law of Thermodynamics Demo Materials Pasco      
Can Crash No Fluids & Thermodynamics Atm Pressure Home Experiment stevespangler Youtube     
Pendulum Waves No SHM & Waves Pendulum SHM Construction Projects YouTube YouTube Amazon    
Resonance Chinese Bowl No SHM & Waves Resonance Demo Materials Arbor TeacherSource YouTube    
Solar Butterfly & Solar bugs No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Photoelectric , photocells Sci Toys/Decorations YouTube Grasshopper     
Diffraction of sound No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Diffraction Simple Demo YouTube YouTube     
Magnetic Swing No Electricity & Magnetism Eddy Current, Magnetic Force Demo Materials Pasco Magnet Youtube    
Resonance With Hacksaw Blade No SHM & Waves Resonance Construction Projects MIT You Tube Word Doc    
Rattleback No Circular & Rotational Motion Rotational dynamics Sci Toys/Decorations Teacher Source Arbor     
Straw through potato No Fluids & Thermodynamics Atmospheric Pressure Home Experiment Youtube      
Balloon Helicopter No Fluids & Thermodynamics Bernoulli Principle Sci Toys/Decorations YouTube      
Gravity Car No Energy & Momentum Conservation of Mechanical Energy Construction Projects YouTube PhysicsField YouTube PhysicsField     
Astro-Blaster No Energy & Momentum Elastic Collision Sci Toys/Decorations teachersource YouTube     
Eddy Current Dance No Electricity & Magnetism Eddy Currents (induction) Home Experiment YouTube      
Puppeteer's Whistle No SHM & Waves Harmonic Frequencies for vibrating string Home Experiment toys from trash YouTube     
Set of Magnets No Electricity & Magnetism Magnetism Demo Materials Arbor Pasco 3D mag field Arbor Magnetoids    
Rodin Coil No Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetism Construction Projects YouTube      
H Racer - Fuel Cell Car No Fluids & Thermodynamics alternative energy sources, fuel cell technology and solar energy Sci Toys/Decorations Arbor Science youtube     
Slinky Drop No SHM & Waves SHM, Restoring Force Simple Demo YouTube Playlist      
Shrink Wrap No Fluids & Thermodynamics Atm. Pressure Construction Projects Pasco Video Dual Pressure Sensor Flinn Video Spengler Video   
Modular LED Strobe No SHM & Waves standing wave, resonance Demo Materials PASCO Student Youtube     
Doppler Buzzer No SHM & Waves Doppler Effect Construction Projects Vimeo       
Zen Magnets No Electricity & Magnetism Magnetism Sci Toys/Decorations YouTube     
Convection and a tea bag No Fluids & Thermodynamics Convection Home Experiment Youtube Youtube Youtube    
Resonating Rods No SHM & Waves Forced oscillation Construction Projects Youtube YouTube     
Electric/energy Ball No Electricity & Magnetism Simple Electric Circuits Sci Toys/Decorations Arbor Science Youtube     
Surface Tension Demonstrator No Fluids & Thermodynamics Surface Tension Construction Projects Ward Science      
Duck Cup No SHM & Waves Amplification of Sound waves Simple Demo YouTube      
Barton`s Pendulum No SHM & Waves Period of a Pendulum Construction Projects You Tube You Tube Word Doc TAP   
Resonating Ping Pong Ball No SHM & Waves Resonance Construction Projects You Tube      
Leyden Jar No Electricity & Magnetism Electrostatic, capacitors  Demo Materials YouTube Leyden Jar Discharge Tongs    
Eddy Current No Electricity & Magnetism Eddy Current Demo Materials Student Movie Caution Order-1 Order-2 Youtube  
Drinking Straw Hydrometer No Fluids & Thermodynamics Density of Liquids Construction Projects Wiki How Youtube     
Sound Pipes/Tubes No SHM & Waves Harmonic Frequencies + bernaulli Sci Toys/Decorations Arbor Pasco YouTube    
Resonating Frogs No SHM & Waves Resonance Sci Toys/Decorations      
Cat Eye Reflectors No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Total Internal Reflection Simple Demo YouTube      
Arrow Trick No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Refraction, lenses Construction Projects YouTube YouTube YouTube    
Fun Fly Stick No Electricity & Magnetism Electrotatics Sci Toys/Decorations Youtube Arbor     
Fiber Optics Cable No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Total Internal Reflection Construction Projects YouTube YouTube YouTube    
Thermal Conductivity Bars and Heat Conductometer No Fluids & Thermodynamics Thermal Conductivity Demo Materials Arbor Science Supply     
Happy and Sad Balls No Energy & Momentum  Construction Projects teachersource YouTube     
Real Image in a concave mirror No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Real Image Construction Projects folder YouTube     
Diffraction Grating No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Diffreaction Construction Projects School Physics YouTube YouTube    
Dancing Rasins No Fluids & Thermodynamics Density Home Experiment Youtube      
Head Massager No SHM & Waves Resonance Sci Toys/Decorations Head massager picture eBay link  Youtube amazon   
Male and Female Balancing/Chair Experiment No Kinematics & Dynamics Center of Mass Construction Projects YouTube YouTube Handout    
Semicircular block No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Total Internal Reflection Simple Demo YouTube      
Bernoulli Ball (and toilet paper) No Fluids & Thermodynamics Bernoulli principle Construction Projects YouTube YouTube     
The Lever Paradox No Circular & Rotational Motion Torque Construction Projects amazon YouTube     
Matches and chain reactions No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Chain Reactions Construction Projects YouTube      
True Mirror No Optics & Modern Pyhsics optics Sci Toys/Decorations YouTube     
Rotating Chair with bicycle wheel No Circular & Rotational Motion Conservation of angular momentum Construction Projects Pasco      
Singing Glasses No SHM & Waves Resonance Simple Demo YouTube Youtube     
Large Resonance Tube (Pasco) No SHM & Waves Resonance, standing waves Demo Materials PASCO YouTube YouTube    
Slinky Demos No SHM & Waves Mechanical Waves Demo Materials YouTube YouTube     
Bernoulli Blaster No Fluids & Thermodynamics Bernoulli Home Experiment Ali Dal YouTube     
Inertia Demonstrations Yes Kinematics & Dynamics Newton`s 1st Law Simple Demo YouTube Playlist      
Balancing Demonstrations Yes Kinematics & Dynamics Center of Mass Construction Projects folder YouTube Playlist     
Gravity Tubes No SHM & Waves Harmonic Frequencies Sci Toys/Decorations Youtube Arbor amazon    
Wimshurst Machine 2 Yes Electricity & Magnetism Electrostatics Demo Materials Volta’s Hail Storm Leyden Jar Capacitor     
Resonance w/wo wave generator Yes SHM & Waves Resonance Demo Materials Youtube YouTube     
Popper droper Yes Energy & Momentum Elastic Potential energy Sci Toys/Decorations teachersource Arbor YouTube YouTube    
Roller Coaster 2 (Loop the Loop) Yes Circular & Rotational Motion Circular motion Construction Projects MIT video Arbor YouTube MIT    
Homopolar_Motor Yes Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetism Home Experiment Arbor YouTube YouTube YouTube   
Rainbow Glasses Yes Optics & Modern Pyhsics Diffraction of light Sci Toys/Decorations Arbor YouTube     
UV Beads Yes SHM & Waves Electromagnetic Waves Construction Projects YouTube UV Flash light UV filter set Amazon  
Simple Pendulum (calculate g) Yes SHM & Waves Period of a pendulum Home Experiment YouTube      
Hovercraft Yes Kinematics & Dynamics dynamics Construction Projects pasco folder YouTube    
Double Ball Bounce Yes Energy & Momentum Conservation of Momentum Simple Demo YouTube Website Lecture Notes AP Physics B 2012 Released 2. Question    
Fire Syringe (Compression Igniter) Yes Fluids & Thermodynamics Thermodynamics- Adiabatic compression Demo Materials Arbor Pasco Youtube Youtube   
Magnetic Osillations No Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetic induction Construction Projects arvindguptatoys      
Jelly Babies Wave Machine No SHM & Waves Pulse, Standing Waves Home Experiment YouTube Planet Scicast nationalstemcentre    
Balancing Forks No Kinematics & Dynamics Laws of Motion Simple Demo YouTube YouTube     
Reaction Time No Kinematics & Dynamics Free Fall Simple Demo YouTube Handout Student Video    
Ballistic Pendulum No Energy & Momentum  Demo Materials Arbor PASCO Kit     
Monkey and Hunter No Kinematics & Dynamics Relative motion 2D kinematics Construction Projects YouTube Homemade Pasco Order YouTube Arbor   
DIY Simple Accelerometer Yes Kinematics & Dynamics  Construction Projects Handout YouTube YouTube YouTube Photo Album  
The Chain Lariat No Circular & Rotational Motion Circular Motion, Inertia Construction Projects Handout YouTube     
Magnetic accelerator / Gauss Gun No Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetism + collisions Demo Materials Arbor Science YouTube YouTube YouTube   
Energy Stick No Electricity & Magnetism  Demo Materials Arbor YouTube     
Roller Coaster Yes Circular & Rotational Motion  Construction Projects Pasco Student Website     
Centripetal Force Board Yes Circular & Rotational Motion Circular Motion Demo Materials stevespanglers Student Movie YouTube SHOW !    
Black Holes No Optics & Modern Pyhsics General Relativity and Black Holes Construction Projects YouTube YouTube     
Double Cone No Circular & Rotational Motion Center of gravity Construction Projects YouTube1 YouTube2 Folder    
Flying Butterfly No Energy & Momentum Elastic Pot Energy and Bernoulli  Sci Toys/Decorations teachersource YouTube YouTube    
Flywheel Powered zeCar No Circular & Rotational Motion Moment of Inertia, Torque wheels Construction Projects Educational Innovations      
FM Transmitter No SHM & Waves EM waves Construction Projects Youtube      
Levitating Globes No Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetism Sci Toys/Decorations Arbor Science Youtube     
Plasma ball in a black box No Electricity & Magnetism States of matter , electrostatics Sci Toys/Decorations Arbor Youtube Top 10 demos    
Top Secret No Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetism Sci Toys/Decorations Amazon incrediblescience Youtube    
Fruit Clock , calculator ,etc No Electricity & Magnetism Electrochemistry Sci Toys/Decorations YouTube YouTube Amazon Amazon   
Electroscope demonstrations No Electricity & Magnetism Electrostatic Demo Materials Sci-Supply Pasco YouTube    
Make a Battery out of Pennies No Electricity & Magnetism Electric Current Home Experiment YouTube exploratorium     
Wimshurst Machine 3 Yes Electricity & Magnetism Electrostatics Demo Materials Neon Wand Geissler-Discharge     
Lenz's Law Levitation No Electricity & Magnetism Eddy Currents ,Lenz's Law  Construction Projects Pasco YouTube YouTube Pasco Extention Tube   
Watermelon vs Rubber Bands No Energy & Momentum Elastic Force, Elastic Pot. Energy Home Experiment harmonyphysics      
Wimshurst Machine 1 Yes Electricity & Magnetism 3 ways of charging Demo Materials arbor science YouTube     
Jumping Rings No Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetic Induction Demo Materials pasco folder Youtube YouTube YouTube  
Hand cracked generator Yes Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetic Induction Demo Materials Arbor extra -credit folder PASCO YouTube   
Edisons Bulb No Electricity & Magnetism Electric Current Construction Projects teachersource      
Butterfly in a Jar No Energy & Momentum Conservation of Energy Sci Toys/Decorations YouTube Amazon     
Rocket engine (should be done with teacher) No Energy & Momentum rocket repulsion Construction Projects YouTube engine pack from amazon Launch Controller Rocket Engine Bracket   
Spring Ladder No Energy & Momentum Conservation of mechanical energy Construction Projects YouTube File folder Student movie     
Dinobot Hydraulic No Fluids & Thermodynamics Pascal principle Construction Projects Ward Sci      
Hydrolic lift No Fluids & Thermodynamics Pascal Principle Construction Projects folder scientificsonline YouTube YouTube Youtube  
Jumping Disks No Fluids & Thermodynamics Bimetallic Strip, heat conduction Construction Projects grand-illusions YouTube     
Bimetallic Strip No Fluids & Thermodynamics Thermal expansion Demo Materials Science Supply Youtube     
Magnetic Rail No Electricity & Magnetism Magnetic Force Construction Projects Youtube sci-supply     
Electromagnet with coils No Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetic Force Demo Materials sci-supply sci-supply     
Magnetic Field Lines No Electricity & Magnetism Magnetic Field Demo Materials sci-supply sci-supply YouTube PASCO PASCO  
Momentum - Human Dynamics Cart No Energy & Momentum Conservation of momentum and skaters Demo Materials Arbor Scientific  School Physics YouTube  YouTube   
Drinking Bird +Hand boiler No Fluids & Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Sci Toys/Decorations Arbor Science Arbor Science Youtube Youtube   
Radiometer Yes Fluids & Thermodynamics MKT, Radiation Demo Materials Arbor Science Youtube Youtube    
Convection Currents No Fluids & Thermodynamics Convection Demo Materials Steve Spangler Steve Spangler Youtube    
Heat Engine 1 No Fluids & Thermodynamics Convection Construction Projects Springy Spiral Snake Youtube YouTube YouTube   
Carrtesian DIvers No Fluids & Thermodynamics Density Simple Demo Youtube Arbor     
Magdeburg Hemisphere No Fluids & Thermodynamics Atmospheric Pressure Demo Materials teachersource teachersource     
Ice Melting Blocks Yes Fluids & Thermodynamics Heat Capacity Demo Materials PASCO Youtube 1 Flinn    
Stirling Engine No Fluids & Thermodynamics high-efficiency heat engine  Construction Projects type 1 type 2     
Boiling water with vacuum pump No Fluids & Thermodynamics Boiling point vs atm. pressure Demo Materials YouTube Vacuum pump from Amazon Flinn    
Sea Perch No Fluids & Thermodynamics Buoyancy  Construction Projects seaperch      
Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Tube Yes Fluids & Thermodynamics 2nd law of Thermodynamics Demo Materials Pasco      
Water Suspension No Fluids & Thermodynamics Surface Tension Construction Projects stevespangler YouTube     
1000 pins in a case No Fluids & Thermodynamics Surface Tension Home Experiment YouTube      
Smoke rings/Air Zooka No Fluids & Thermodynamics Elastic collisions of gas molecules Demo Materials stevespangler Arbor Fog Machine Fog Liquid   
Bending the light No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Total internal reflection Home Experiment YouTube YouTube Harmony YouTube    
Bernoulli Bag No Fluids & Thermodynamics Bernoulli's Principle Demo Materials Youtube teachersource Arbor    
Simplest Electric Train No Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetism Construction Projects YouTube YouTube download instruction YouTube Youtube  
Wooden rod and copper tube No Fluids & Thermodynamics Conduction of heat Demo Materials SchoolPhysics YouTube     
Bed of Nails No Fluids & Thermodynamics  Construction Projects YouTube Folder     
Boiling Water in a Syringe  No Fluids & Thermodynamics Atmospheric Pressure Home Experiment YouTube Flinn YouTube Flinn    
Infinity Mirror with LEDs No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Laws of Reflection Construction Projects YouTube Google Sites YouTube    
Cloud chamber No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Nuclear physics Construction Projects Flinn Scientific YouTube     
Mirage No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Geomentrical Optics Construction Projects YouTube YouTube     
Disappearing coin in water No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Refraction Simple Demo stevespangler      
Interference at soap bubbles  No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Interference Home Experiment YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube   
Laser Viewing Tank No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Total Internal Reflection Simple Demo YouTube arvindgupta teachersource    
Camera Obscura No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Pinhole Camera Construction Projects YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube  
Equalizing Index of Refraction Yes Optics & Modern Pyhsics Index of refraction Home Experiment YouTube YouTube Youtube YouTube order water cubes  
Hollow faces and images No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Reflection in a concave surface Construction Projects grand-illusions YouTube Resource Folder    
Half-life of water No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Radioactivity Construction Projects School Physics      
Photoelectric Effect No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Photoelectric Effect Demo Materials YouTube YouTube (Russian) TAP handout YouTube Youtube  
Kaleidoscope Small No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Geomentrical Optics Construction Projects YouTube      
Human Kaleidoscope  No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Reflection Construction Projects YouTube      
Infinity Mirror (no LED) No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Reflection and number of images btw plane mirrors ,  Construction Projects YouTube      
Rutherford Scattering No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Rutherford Scattering Simple Demo with charged balloons with marbles     
Cathode Ray Tubes No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Electron physics Demo Materials 3BScientific YouTube Tube S Tube D   
Ruben's Tube No SHM & Waves Standing Wave Construction Projects YouTube Flinn Scientific YouTube2 Instruction   
Resonance with tuning forks No SHM & Waves Resonance - Set of demonstrations Demo Materials Youtube YouTube YouTube    
Screaming balloon No SHM & Waves Pitch of the sound, inertia, centripetal Simple Demo toys from trash stevespanglerscience YouTube    
Standing Waves on Plates - The Drum No SHM & Waves Standing Wave Construction Projects YouTube YouTube     
Resonating Sand No SHM & Waves Standing Waves Construction Projects YouTube      
Resonating Table No SHM & Waves Resonance Construction Projects YouTube      
Mystery sticks No SHM & Waves SHM in 2 Dim Sci Toys/Decorations Arbor YouTube     
Measure the Speed of Light No SHM & Waves Speed of light, EMW Home Experiment Youtube      
Singing Pipe No SHM & Waves Resonance Construction Projects YouTube     
Mini Tesla Coil No Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetic Induction Construction Projects Youtube Makershed     
Bowling Ball Pendulum (Courage Test) No Energy & Momentum Conservation of Mechanical energy Construction Projects YouTube folder Flinn   
Strong Laser Beam Popping Balloons and Burning Surfaces No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Laser, light, optics, EM waves, frequency, energy Demo Materials Item Requires high safety precautions. Shall not be lent to students.     
Tumbling Toy No Energy & Momentum Torque Construction Projects YouTube Version1 YouTube Version 2     
Woodpecker Potential Energy No Energy & Momentum Mechanical Energy Conservation Sci Toys/Decorations Amazon YouTube     
Levitating Screwdriver Yes Fluids & Thermodynamics Bernoulli  Construction Projects YouTube YouTube YouTube    
Maglev Train No Electricity & Magnetism Magnetic Levitation Sci Toys/Decorations Youtube video Kelvin  YouTube YouTube YouTube  
Pears of Water No SHM & Waves Resonance, Projectile Motion Construction Projects YouTube YouTube PBL YouTube Gurbey Youtube - demo material Amazon  
Gyro Ring No Energy & Momentum Conservation of energy Sci Toys/Decorations youtube Amazon     
Toro Flux No Energy & Momentum Conservation of Energy Sci Toys/Decorations YouTube HSA Youtube Amazon Youtube grand-illusions  
Galileo Thermometer No Fluids & Thermodynamics Density, gas laws Sci Toys/Decorations Amazon     
3D Standing Wave Machine No SHM & Waves Standing Waves Sci Toys/Decorations Youtube Youtube    
Quantum levitation No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Superconductors Construction Projects YouTube     
Levitating light bulb No Electricity & Magnetism Induction Construction Projects YouTube     
Hands on Buzzer Yes Electricity & Magnetism Closed Circuit Sci Toys/Decorations Scientific Direct      
Building Speaker No Electricity & Magnetism Magnetism Construction Projects youtube Magnet Amplifier Audio Cable Magnet Wire  
Faraday's Flashlight Yes Electricity & Magnetism Magnetism Construction Projects YouTube YouTube LED Tube Magnet  
DIY (Electric) Guitar Yes SHM & Waves Standing Waves and Resonance Construction Projects Amazon Cigar Box Google Photo album Amazon- Guitar String (10 sets) Piezo Dis Mono Guitar Jacks  
Buckyballs Motor No Electricity & Magnetism Electric motor Sci Toys/Decorations youtube Youtube     
DIY Vacuum Cleaner No Fluids & Thermodynamics Atm. Pressure Construction Projects Youtube YouTube     
Beats No SHM & Waves Resonance and beats Demo Materials YouTube YouTube     
Transverse Wave Demonstrator Yes SHM & Waves Transverse Wave Demo Materials Pasco YouTube Manual    
Disappearing Rabbit No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Reflection in plane mirror Construction Projects Google Site Construction files folder     
Anti-Gravity Mirror No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Reflection Construction Projects YouTube Extra-credit folder     
Kelvin's Water Drop Experiment No Electricity & Magnetism Electrostatic Demo Materials Youtube YouTube Link YouTube Order from Amazon  
Dish Washing-Salty Water Buoyancy No Fluids & Thermodynamics Buoyancy Construction Projects Quiz Answer     
CD spectroscope  No Optics & Modern Pyhsics  Construction Projects exploratorium snacks Youtube Toys from Trash     
Rutherford Scattering with Marbles No Optics & Modern Pyhsics Rutherford Scattering Simple Demo YouTube      
Balancing with Match Sticks No Kinematics & Dynamics Static Equilibrium Simple Demo YouTube      
Electromagnetic Flashlight No Electricity & Magnetism Faraday`s Law of Induction Demo Materials Arbor YouTube Tube LED Magnet  
Doppler Rocket No SHM & Waves Doppler Effect Construction Projects Pasco YouTube     
Chain Fountain (inertia beads) No Kinematics & Dynamics Inertia Demo Materials Steve-Spengler  YouTube YouTube    
Standing Wave On A String Yes SHM & Waves Standing Wave and Resonance Construction Projects YouTube      
Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Yes Fluids & Thermodynamics Conservation of energy Demo Materials PASCO      
Superposition Demonstration with sneaky Yes SHM & Waves Superposition Demo Materials Youtube      
Wireless Electricity: A Simple Experiment No Electricity & Magnetism  Resonant inductive coupling Construction Projects Youtube Youtube2     
Eulers Disk No Circular & Rotational Motion Rotational Dynamics Sci Toys/Decorations eulersdisk Educational Innovations Euler's Disk    
Build the World’s Simplest Magnetic Car No Electricity & Magnetism  Construction Projects Interesting Engineering YouTube     
Graph Matching Game No Kinematics & Dynamics Motion Graphs Demo Materials Pasco Kit Pasco Software YouTube PASCO video   
Tornado Demonstration Model No Fluids & Thermodynamics Convection currents Demo Materials Amazon Youtube YouTube    
Anti Gravity Hovering Craft and Lifters No Electricity & Magnetism Charge Generators -Caution as painful shock hazard. Construction Projects      
Egg Throwing Yes Energy & Momentum Impulse Momentum relation Construction Projects YouTube YouTube YouTube    
Faraday's Experiment No Electricity & Magnetism Faraday's Law of Induction Construction Projects sci-supply      
Speaker = Generator Demonstrations  Yes Electricity & Magnetism Conservation of Energy Simple Demo YouTube YouTube new     
Liquid Sand No Fluids & Thermodynamics Buoyancy  Home Experiment interesting engineering YouTube     
Solenoid Engine No Electricity & Magnetism Electric Motor Construction Projects Youtube      
Electricity & Magnetism Light Bulb No Electricity & Magnetism  relationship between electricity and magnetism Construction Projects ArborSci Youtube     
Electromagnetic Projects (Cool ones!!) No Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetism & Induction Construction Projects Youtube      
Brushless Solar Motor No Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetism Construction Projects Youtube      
Galileo vs Aristotle Yes Kinematics & Dynamics Air Resistance Demo Materials Arbor Pasco YouTube YouTube Youtube  
Ballistic Car Yes Kinematics & Dynamics Projectile & Relative Motion Demo Materials Arbor PASCO Video PASCO kit Arbor Video student's video  
Copper Plate and Magnet No Electricity & Magnetism Lenz's law and Faraday's law Home Experiment Youtube      
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