Middle School Science


Domain 1Plate Tectonics
Domain 2Rocks and Minerals
Domain 3Earth's history
Domain 4Topographic Maps
Domain 5Weather
Domain 6Climate
Domain 7Gravity and Seasons
Domain 8Star life cycle

Domain 1Cell
Domain 2Cell Processes
Domain 3Reproduction & Heredity
Domain 4Human Body System
Domain 5Life Cycles
Domain 6Organisms in Populations
Domain 7Ecosystems and Biomes

Domain 1Properties of Matter
Domain 2Periodic Table and Reactions
Domain 3Forces and Motion
Domain 4Energy Transformations
Domain 5Light and Optics
Domain 6Waves and Energy
Domain 7Work and Simple Machines
Domain 8Energy and the Environment
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Name of ActivityDomainTopicLink1Link2Link3Link4Format
Air Swimmers C3- Forces and Motion Buoyancy,Density Teacher Source Youtube Youtube   
Apple Drop Inertia C3- Forces and Motion Inertia   Youtube    
Balloon Helicopter Kit C3- Forces and Motion Newton's Third Law Arbor Scientific Youtube Youtube   
Balancing Bird C1- Properties of Matter Center of mass Arbor Scientific     
Bicycle Gyroscope C3- Forces and Motion Newton's third law, Angular momentum Pasco  Youtube Youtube   
Centripetal Force Board C3- Forces and Motion Newton’s First Law of Motion Stevespangler Science Youtube Youtube   
Coin Centrifuge C3- Forces and Motion Centrifugal Force Coin Centrifuge Document Youtube    
Drinking Bird C4- Energy Transformations Heat and Thermodynamics Arbor Scientific Youtube    
Electromagnetic Flashlight C4- Energy Transformations Electromagnetism Arbor Scientific     
Floating Diet Coke C1- Properties of Matter Density   Youtube    
Groan Tube C6- Waves and Energy Sound and Free fall Arbor Scientific     
Hair Dryer and Ping Pong C3- Forces and Motion Air Pressure and Bernoulli Principle      
Levitating Globe C3- Forces and Motion Magnetism Arbor Scientific Youtube    
Infinity Mirror C5- Light and Optics Reflection      
Magnetic Accelerator C3- Forces and Motion Newton's Laws of Motion      
Magnetic Field Pattern Window C3- Forces and Motion Magnetic Fields Arbor Scientific     
Mini Hover Craft C3- Forces and Motion Force, Friction Science Center     
Plasma Globe C6- Waves and Energy Tesla Coil Arbor Scientific     
Rainbow Glasses C5- Light and Optics Optics Arbor Scientific     
Resonating Glass C6- Waves and Energy Resonance   Youtube    
Reversible Thermoelectric Demonstrator C4- Energy Transformations Thermodynamics Arbor Scientific     
Rotating Platform C3- Forces and Motion Rotational Inertia Arbor Scientific     
Running Colors C3- Forces and Motion Surface Tension  Youtube Youtube   
Super Springy C6- Waves and Energy Sound Waves  Arbor Scientific Youtube    
Tornado Tube C3- Forces and Motion Hydraulic Principles Arbor Scientific     
Wimshurst Machine C6- Waves and Energy  Arbor Scientific Youtube    
Wooden Percussion Frogs C6- Waves and Energy Resonance  Educational Innovations     
Water Suspension C1- Properties of Matter Surface Tension  Youtube    
Acid Base Indicator C2- Periodic Table and Reactions Acids and Bases  Youtube    
Energy Ball C4- Energy Transformations Closed and Open Circuits Arbor Scientific     
Sound Tubes C6- Waves and Energy Frequencie Pasco Scientific     
Acid Neutralization in Nature C2- Periodic Table and Reactions Chemical Reactions Flinn Scientific     
Carbon Dioxide Suffocation Take One C2- Periodic Table and Reactions   Youtube    
Boiling in a Syringe C1- Properties of Matter  Flinn Scientific Youtube    
Bubble Thing C1- Properties of Matter  Flinn Scientific Youtube    
Bubbling Lava Bottle C2- Periodic Table and Reactions   Youtube    
Cooking Egg Experiment C2- Periodic Table and Reactions   Youtube    
Cornstarch Experiment C1- Properties of Matter   Youtube    
Dancing Raisins C1- Properties of Matter  Scifun Youtube    
Do Not Open Bottle C3- Forces and Motion   Youtube    
Dissolving Paper C2- Periodic Table and Reactions  Flinn Scientific     
Fake Blood C2- Periodic Table and Reactions   Youtube    
Fountain Connection C3- Forces and Motion  Flinn Scientific     
Golden Rain C2- Periodic Table and Reactions       
Insta-Snow C2- Periodic Table and Reactions  Stevespangler Science Youtube    
Gravi-Goo Jar C2- Periodic Table and Reactions  Stevespangler Science     
Cloud in a Bottle C2- Periodic Table and Reactions  Stevesplangler Science Youtube    
Baby Diaper C2- Periodic Table and Reactions Polymers Stevespangler Science Youtube    
Inertia Apparatus C3- Forces and Motion Inertia Stevespangler Science     
Density Column C1- Properties of Matter Density Stevespangler Science Youtube    
Fun Fly Stick C4- Energy Transformations Static Electricity Stevespangler Science     
Bed of Nails C3- Forces and Motion Surface area, Pressure, Force Stevespangler Science     
Insta-Worms C2- Periodic Table and Reactions  Stevespangler Science     
Invisible Glass C5- Light and Optics   Youtbe    
Collapsing Can C3- Forces and Motion   Youtube    
Jelly Marbles C1- Properties of Matter  Stevespenagler Science Youtube Youtube   
Kool Chromatography C2- Periodic Table and Reactions       
Liquid Nitrogen C2- Periodic Table and Reactions   Youtube    
Magic Carnations B1- Cell   Youtube    
BioQuest® Inflatable Lung Kit B4- Human Body System  Nasco      
Combination Animal Survey Set B6- Organisms in Populations  Flinn Scientific     
Diffusion Demonstration Model B1- Cell  Flinn Scientific Flinn Scientific    
Digestive System Walk-Thru B4- Human Body System  Nasco      
Functional Circulatory System Model B4- Human Body System  Ward's Science     
Functioning Torso B4- Human Body System  Nasco     
How to Find Your Blind Spot B4- Human Body System  Wikihow     
Lung Demonstration Apparatus B4- Human Body System  Nasco     
Measure Your Blood Pressure B4- Human Body System  Amazon.com     
Membrane Diffusion Kit B1- Cell  Flinn Scientific     
Metabolism Experiment B4- Human Body System  Flinn Scientific     
Model Plus Flower B6- Organisms in Populations  Ward's Science     
Pumping Heart Model B4- Human Body System  Schoodoodle     
Rubin's Eye and Vision Lab Kit B4- Human Body System  Shopanatomical     
Indicator Sponge C2- Periodic Table and Reactions Acids and Beses Flinn Scientific Youtube    Level 2 (Demo) 
Single Cartesian Diver C1- Properties of Matter Pressure, Properties of Air Arbor Scientific Youtube   Level 2 (Demo) 
Mystery Stick C6- Waves and Energy  Arbot Scientific    Level 1 (Exp) 
Marshmallow Experiment C1- Properties of Matter Gas Law Arbor Scientific Autozone   Level 1 (Exp) 
Disappearing Money C5- Light and Optics Refraction of Light Stevespangler Science Stevespangler Science   Level 1 (Exp) 
Atmospheric Mat C3- Forces and Motion Atmospheric Pressue Arbor Scientific Youtube   Classroom Demonstration 
Tornado ES5- Weather Tornado Amazon Youtube   Classroom Demonstration 
Water Cycle ES5- Weather Water Cycle  Activity Activity2 Youtube  Level 1 (Classroom investigation) 
Barbeque Balloon PS1- Properties of Matter   Youtube Youtube  Level 1 (Classroom investigation) 
Hand Boiler ES1- Plate Tectonics Energy Transformation Arbor Scientific Stevespanglers   Level 1 (Classroom investigation) 
Showing 83 items
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