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ItemPBL HandoutDomainConcept CoveredLink 1Link 2Link 3Link 4Difficulty levelClassroom activity
ItemPBL HandoutDomainConcept CoveredLink 1Link 2Link 3Link 4Difficulty levelClassroom activity
The Bolyai-Gerwien Theorem No  Equidecomposable Demo Link Download Link Demo Link 2    
A Craftsman Divides a Rectangle No  Rectangles&Congruent Triangles&Measurement  Demo Link Download Link     
Dimensions of the rectangle with largest area inscribed in an equilateral triangle No  Derivation YouTube Video Download Link     
Steiner Problem No  Diagonals-Lines-Points YouTube Video Download Link     
Polycircles No  Linear Equations and Circles Download Link      
Circle Packing No  Tessellation Download Link Poster Link     
Math and Snowflakes No  Fractals and Polyhedra Download Link  Order Link     
Efficient Packing No  Volume and Area Download Link      
Track Design No  Calculating Arc Lengths Download Link      
Efficient Cutting No  Volume and Capacity Download Link      
Keep Your Distance No  Diagonals-Geometric Reasoning Download Link Poster Link     
Cuboid Challenge No  Volume Download Link Poster Link     
Arclets Explained No  Arcs of A Circle Download Link      
History of Fractions No  Fractions Download Link      
Whirling Fibonacci Squares No  Sequence-Ratio Download Link      
Twisting and Turning No  Fractions-Reciprocals Download Link Download Link 2     
Maths Filler No  Analyzing The Key Features of a Graph Download Link      
Investigating Solids with Face-transitivity No  Vector Algebra  Download Link      
Stadium Sightline No  Similarity and Trigonometry  Download Link       
USN Yes  Graphing Functions Download Link 1      
Dick Ruth's hinged model of a quadrilateral to two identical parallelograms  Yes  Dissections Download Link      
Size of the Sun Yes  Similarity  YouTube Video Download Link     
Inclinometer Yes  Indirect Measurement  YouTube Video Download Link     
Clinometer Yes  Indirect Measurement YouTube Video Download Link  Download Link 2    
Piano-Hinged Dissections: Time to Fold! No  Dissections Online Order      
Plane & Fancy No  Dissections Download Link Download Link 2 Download Link 3    
Dissections of Cubes No  Dissections Video Download Link     
Dodecahedron No  Tensegrity Download Link      
Natural Shapes No  Fractal Download Link      
Polyhedra with Concave Pentagons No  Concave Download Link      
Tau Towers No  Geometric Series Download Link      
Leonardo da Vinci’s Canal Lock No  Angles in Real Life YouTube Video Download Link     
Geoboard No  Pythagorean Theorem Proof by Area Sample Online Order     
Tangram No  Symmetry  YouTube Video Online order     
Prove πR² using only beads and a ruler! No  Area of a circle YouTube Video Online Order     
A Carpenter Draws a Circle No  Center of a Circle  YouTube Video Demo Link Online Order    
Construction Games with Kepler's Solid No  Rhombic Dodecahedron Geometric Shapes YouTube Video Download Link Page 76 Order Link    
Hypercubes Single Cube No  A Transformation Sequence of One Single Cube YouTube Video Online Order     
Missing Square-Triangle Version No  Slope YouTube Video Download Link     
Buckyballs No  Hexagon Video Download Link Order Link     
Mind Reading No  Binary Numbers and Exponents Google Site Online Order     
Sierpinski Pyramid (2052 Balls) made with NeoCube magnets No  Pyramid and Sequences YouTube Video Download Link Online Order    
Non Circular Wheels No  Geometric Shapes YouTube      
Kostics No  Geometric Structures Stars Online Resource      
Magic Triangle  No  Slope YouTube Video Download Link     
Mitsunobu Matsuyama's "Paradox" No  Area of a Square  YouTube Video Download Link     
Icosahedron No  Surface Area of Geometrical Shapes  YouTube Video      
Geodesic Dome No  Triangle and Geometric Shapes in Real Life YouTube Video Download Link     
Dodecahedral Shape-shifter No  Geometrical Shapes Dodecahedron YouTube Link Download Link     
Impossible Cut 1 No  Optical illusion Vertical and Horizontal  YouTube Video Download Link Download Link 2    
Triangle to Parallelogram No  Dissections Download Link      
Card Tricks No  Patterns Download Link      
What's Happening? No  Patterns  Download Link      
Cut The Triangle  No  Triangle YouTube Video Solution Link     
Seven Squares No  Patterns Download Link      
Transform your equilateral triangle into a square No  Transformation  Download Link      
Rectangles and Squares Puzzle No  LCM and GCD YouTube Video Solution Video     
Impossible Cut 2 No  Optical illusion Download Link 1 Download Link 2     
3D-Paper-Structure No  Optical illusion Youtube Video Download Link     
64 = 65 ? No  Slope-Area YouTube      
Designing Pool Yes  Slope and Volume       
Fibonacci Sequence Yes  Sequence Video Link      
Golden Ratio - Secret of Tallness No  Ratios and Sequences  YouTube Video Download Link     
A Stitch in Time Yes  Tansformations YouTube Video      
Board Game Yes  Linear and Quadratic Equations YouTube Video      
Build Green Houses Yes  Volume YouTube Video      
Buy Your Own House Yes  Functions and Equations YouTube Video      
Cartoon for Linear and Quadratic Functions Yes  Linear and Quadratic Functions YouTube Video      
Cell Phone Plans Yes  Graphing Functions YouTube Video      
Clinometer Yes  Similarity  YouTube Video      
Design Your Own Light Yes  Sphere with Rectangular Shapes  YouTube Video      
Bee Mathematics No  Area of Hexagon YouTube Video Download Link     
Reciprocal Roof Frame Coast No  Geometry in Real Life  YouTube Video Download Link     
Gauge of Golden Ratio Yes  Ratio YouTube Video      
Geometrical Town Yes  Scale YouTube Video 1 YouTube Video 2 YouTube Video 3    
History of Algebra Yes  History of Algebra. YouTube      
History of Geometry Yes  History of Geometry YouTube      
Image Creation Using Equations Yes  Equations YouTube      
Largest Cup of Coffee Yes  Ratio-Rate YouTube Link      
Magic Elliptical Billiard Table Yes  Ellips YouTube Resource Website 2 Resource Website    
Making Kaleidoscopes Yes  Reflection YouTube      
Making Soccer Ball Yes  Trigonometry-Shapes YouTube Link      
Making Spider Web Yes  Coordinate Plane - Area YouTube 1 YouTube 2     
Music Box Yes  Algebra YouTube      
My Company Yes  Functions YouTube       
One Shape to Fit All  Yes  Nets YouTube      
One Year Weight Loss Program Yes  Graphing Functions YouTube      
Polynomial Pictures Yes  Polynomials Resource Website      
Powers of Ten Yes  Exponents-Powers YouTube      
Purchase Your Dream Life Yes  Functions YouTube      
Remodeling Your House Yes  Functions YouTube      
Same Space Different Options Yes  Ratio-Similarity-Functions-Area YouTube      
Slope Alphabet Yes  Slope YouTube      
Soup Cans Yes  Minimum Surface Area of Cylinders Video      
Time of Death Yes  Variables-Functions-Formulas YouTube      
Truth in Advertising Yes  Volume YouTube      
Unfolding a Dodecahedron to Produce a Stage Last Yes  Symmetries-Reflections YouTube      
Puzzle of Azulejos No 3- Geometry  Order Link    Medium  
Winston Freer Tile Puzzle No 1- Numbers & operations Volume with affecting the surface area YouTube Video Online Order Online Order Link 2  Easy  
Hologram Image No 3- Geometry Reflection Youtube Video  Download Link  Advanced  
Six Discs No 3- Geometry Calculating Areas and Using Trigonometry. Student Handout Teacher Handout Answer Key Order circular discs Medium  
Horizontal Sundial No 3- Geometry  Trigonometric Equation YouTube Video Download Link Download Link 2  Medium  
Infinite Chocolate Bar  Yes 3- Geometry Slope-Area-Dimensions YouTube Video YouTube Video 2 YouTube Video 3  Download Link Medium  
Curvy Dissections No 3- Geometry Finding The Area of Curvilinear Shapes Download Link    Advanced  
Giant Sphere Yes 3- Geometry Surface Area-Similarity-Ratio Order Link YouTube Link   Medium  
Solitaire Marble No 1- Numbers & operations Commutative Property YouTube Video Online order Website   Medium  
Menger Sponge  No 3- Geometry Fractal Geometry Order Link Download Link Completed Project Website Advanced  
10 Piece Pyramid Puzzle No 1- Numbers & operations Pyramid  YouTube Video Online order   Medium  
Missing Square Puzzle No 1- Numbers & operations  YouTube  Download Link Order Link  Medium  
The Modern Japanese Abacus No 1- Numbers & operations 4 Operations  Online Order   Advanced  
Pyramid Ball No 1- Numbers & operations Pyramid YouTube Video Online order   Medium  
Vanishing area paradox  No 1- Numbers & operations Area Download Link Order Link   Medium  
Dudeney's Dissection No 1- Numbers & operations Dissection YouTube Video  Download Link  Medium  
Soap Films and Minimal Surfaces No 1- Numbers & operations Surface  YouTube Video Order Link   Advanced  
2 Piece Pyramid Puzzle No 1- Numbers & operations Pyramid YouTube Video Online order YouTube  Medium  
Ambiguous Cube Missing Corner 3-D Cube No 1- Numbers & operations Cube and illusion  YouTube Video Download Link Online Order  Medium  
Napier's Rods and Abacus No 1- Numbers & operations Square Roots  YouTube Video Download Link Online Order  Medium  
Jumbling Tower (Jenga Game) No 1- Numbers & operations Probability  YouTube Video  Download Link  Medium  
Hoberman Sphere No 1- Numbers & operations Polyhedron-Icosidodecahedron YouTube Video Online order   Medium  
Math From Soap Bubbles No 1- Numbers & operations Trigonometry  YouTube Video Download Link Order Link  Medium  
Tower of Hanoi No 1- Numbers & operations Formulas and Sequences  YouTube Video Download Link Google Site Order Link Medium  
Pythagorean Theorem No 1- Numbers & operations Pythagorean Theorem Water Proof YouTube Video    Medium  
Ellipsograph No 1- Numbers & operations Graphing Ellipses YouTube Video Online Order Download Link  Medium  
4 Cube Transformation No 1- Numbers & operations Cube Transformation YouTube Video Online Order   Medium  
Cubes and Pyramids No 1- Numbers & operations Cube Transformations YouTube Video Online Order   Medium  
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