1- Introduction

OpenROV is a low-cost telerobotic submarine built with the goal of making underwater exploration and education affordable and it is fun building it and completing it. You may check OpenROV website for more information and also you may check

2 -Materials 


OpenROV Waterproof Cast Acrylic Main Electronics Tube
3/16" Replacement Cast Acrylic Main Tube

OpenROV Beaglebone Black Electronics
Beaglebone Black

100  Meters ROV Twisted Pair Tether
Extra 100m Tether

OpenROV Underwater Brushless Motors dst700

OpenROV light board for use on the 2.8 underwater drone
OpenROV Light Bar 

OpenROV version 2.8 controller board
OpenROV Controller Board 2.8

Wide Angle HD Webcam With Microphone For Live Underwater Video Stream


Underwater ROV Adapter For Ethernet Signal Between Controller Board and Laptop
Tenda Homeplug Adapter Pair
Underwater ROV Propellers For Port Starboard and Vertical Thrusters
Replacement Propellers

OpenROV Servo Actuator To Move Underwater Camera
Micro Servo

Required Tools and Materials:

3- You must have suggested activities before you start working on ROV. Here are suggested activities for electronics and soldering.
Suggested activities.
1-FabFM Radio Kit 

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