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Classroom activity is any activity you can do in your classrooms and labs that involve your students to collaborate in small groups to accomplish a certain task or plan and conduct an investigation.
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Project NameDomain / Big IdeaConcept(s) CoveredCommentsLink 1Link 2Link 3Link 4DifficultyClassroom Activity
Project NameDomain / Big IdeaConcept(s) CoveredCommentsLink 1Link 2Link 3Link 4DifficultyClassroom Activity
Rocketry(TARC) Aerospace Engineering Aerodynamics  apogeerockets    Advanced  
Arduino Password Unlock Door Security System Computer Science  Arduino Based Door Security System instructables    Advanced  
7” Portable Multitouch Raspberry Pi Tablet Electrical Engineering 3d printing, Coding & Programming (Python Language), Soldering  adafruit    Advanced  
First Tech Challange Mechanical Engineering Robotics, Mechatronics  firstinspires    Advanced  
SparkFun BigTime Watch Kit Electrical Engineering Circuits & Soldering  sparkfun    Simple  
Solder:Time DIY watch kit Electrical Engineering Circuits & Soldering  adafruit    Simple  
Punk LED Collar Kit - Red LEDs Computer Science Circuits & Soldering  adafruit    Simple  
Sparki Computer Science Coding & Programming (C Language)  arcbotics    Simple  
SparkFun Learn to Solder - Simon Says Computer Science Circuits & Soldering  sparkfun    Simple  
10" Raspberry Pi Desktop Electrical Engineering 3d printing, Coding & Programming (Python Language), Soldering  adafruit    Advanced  
Weather Balloons Aerospace Engineering Control Systems  highaltitudescience    Advanced  
Thermal Receipt Printer Guts Computer Science Coding & Programming (Python Language), Soldering  adafruit    Intermediate  
Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit Computer Science Coding & Programming (Python Language)  sparkfun amazon   Intermediate  
Adafruit IoT Pi Printer Project Pack - Includes Raspberry Pi Electrical Engineering Coding & Programming (Python Language), Soldering  adafruit    Intermediate  
Seaperch Electrical Engineering Robotics and Control Systems  seaperch    Intermediate  
Electric Cigar Box Guitar Electrical Engineering Acoustic, Sound  harmonyphysics    Intermediate  
DIY Xylophone Computer Science Acoustic, Sound  instructables    Intermediate  
LED`s Circuit Electrical Engineering Electric Circuit, Ohm`s law      Intermediate  
SparkFun Inventor's Kit Lab Pack V3.2 Computer Science Coding & Programming (C Language)  sparkfun    Intermediate  
Future City Civil Engineering Constructionall Analysis  futurecity    Intermediate  
Arduino 101 Lab Pack Computer Science Coding & Programming (C Language)  sparkfun    Intermediate  
Arduino Starter Kit Computer Science Coding & Programming (C Language)  amazon    Intermediate  
Home Made CNC Machine (Does not Carve but Draw) Mechanical Engineering Arduino, Coding, Coordinate System  YouTube    Advanced  
Air Hockey Robot with a 3D Printer Mechanical Engineering Air Drag, Face Tracking Software, Coordinate System  YouTube    Advanced  
Arduino Practice Experiments Electrical Engineering Arduino Basics Purchase the Arduino 101 Lab Pack (It has 10 kits) and it has instructions for 21 experiments SparkFun    Intermediate  
Solar Roller Electrical Engineering   harmonyphysics    Intermediate  
Arduino Light Blending Setup Electrical Engineering Circuits & Frequency of Light   Youtube1 Youtube2 Youtube3  Intermediate  
Shell Eco Marathon Mechanical Engineering Auto Industry, Mechatronics  SHELL ECO    Advanced  
Underwater Drone Electrical Engineering Robotics and Control Systems  openrov    Advanced  
TIMESQUARE DIY Watch Kit  Electrical Engineering Circuits & Soldering  adafruit    Introductory  
littleBits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit Electrical Engineering Circuits  LittleBits SparkFun    Introductory  
Solder : Time II Watch Kit Computer Science Circuits & Soldering  SparkFun (Retired)    Introductory  
CircuitScribe Electrical Engineering Circuits You may use project ignite for your project Electroninks Projectignite Project Page   Introductory  
Pinhole Camera Mechanical Engineering Optics  Instructions Software  Jon Grepstad  Intermediate  
Arduino Extension Kit Computer Science Coding & Programming (C Language)  amazon    Intermediate  
The GrowRoom  Civil Engineering Robotics and Control Systems, CNC, Wood Work  Instructions, Files, Links    Advanced  
Balsa Wood Bridge (Consumables) Civil Engineering Force and Directions, Newton`s Laws  pitsco    Intermediate  
Balsa Wood Bridge Design (Complete Set) Civil Engineering   Pitsco How to build? (Instructables)   Intermediate  
Satellite Projects Aerospace Engineering Coding & Programming (C Language), Simple Circuits  ArduSat Kit Order Ardusat Cubesat and Tubesat  Advanced  
Build a simple robot Mechanical Engineering   Popular Mechanics Step by Step   Introductory  
Raspberry Pi + Alexa Voice Service of Amazon Electrical Engineering This project demonstrates how to access and test the Alexa Voice Service using a Java client (running on a Raspberry Pi), and a Node.js server. You will be using the Node.js server to get a Login with Amazon authorization code by visiting a website using your computer's (Raspberry Pi in this case) web browser.  Github    Advanced  
Earthquake Project-Safer Buildings Civil Engineering Resonance, Waves, Force and Motion   Pitsco    Intermediate  
Model Airplanes Design Aerospace Engineering   Pitsco    Intermediate  
Toothpick Bridge Design Civil Engineering Force and Motion  Pitsco    Intermediate  
Crystal Radio Electrical Engineering Germanium Crystal Diodes Crystal radios have been around since before the 1930's and can run with no input energy other that the radio signal. Even when completely isolated, but from the atmosphere, a crystal radio will produce a voltage in the earpiece resulting in a sound (albeit and undesirable one). Instructables    Advanced  
Monkey and Hunter Electrical Engineering Electricity, Magnetism, Kinematics 2-D Motion   YouTube YouTube Arbor Scientific   Advanced  
FM Radio Electrical Engineering Circuits & Soldering  SparkFun (Retired Product)    Intermediate  
Smart Car Electrical Engineering Electronics Arduino powered car Instructables GitHub   Intermediate  
RFID Door Lock With Arduino Electrical Engineering Arduino Lock System More security for your classroom :) Instructables    Intermediate  
3D Digital Design Computer Science   Tinkercad Makerbot Project Ignite Formlabs Advanced  
3DOF Ball on Plate Using Closed Loop Stepper Motors Mechanical Engineering Equilibrium, Coordinate Plane Computer Science, Electrical Engineering Instructables    Advanced  
Hydraulic Lift  Mechanical Engineering Fluids & Thermodynamics   Ward Science    Introductory  
Gravity Car Mechanical Engineering Conservation of Mechanical Energy   Harmonyphysics YouTube YouTube  Advanced  
DIY Electro-Magnetic Levitation!  Electrical Engineering Electromagnetism and Electronics, Hall Effect Sensor  Instructables Drew Paul Designs   Advanced  
Easy IoT weather station with multiple sensors Computer Science Electrical Engineering, Soldering, Circuitry, Sensor Use  Instructables    Advanced  
DIY Life-Size Remote Control (transparent) BB-8 Computer Science Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Soldering, Circuitry, Sensor Use  Instructables    Advanced  
10 Breadboard Projects For Beginners Electrical Engineering Breadboarding Full instructions are not Free Instructables    Intermediate  
How to make RC plane Aerospace Engineering Aerodynamic, Thrust, Drag, Lift, Free Body Diagrams, Force,   Instructables    Advanced  
Human Arm Civil Engineering Torque  Pasco    Introductory  
Water Rockets Computer Science Force and Motion, Newton's 3rd Law, Action-Reaction   Pitsco    Introductory  
DIY WiFi Outlet Electrical Engineering Smart Classroom, IoT  Instructables    Intermediate  
Toy Solar Car  Electrical Engineering Force & Energy  Pitsco Solar Designer Pitsco Ray Catcher   Introductory  
Egg-Drop  Civil Engineering Momentum, Force & Motion,   Pitsco    Intermediate  
Bluetooth Police Beacon Electrical Engineering   Instructables    Introductory  
Straw Structure Design Civil Engineering Force and Motion  Pitsco    Introductory  
Infinity Mirrors Projects Aerospace Engineering   Instructables    Intermediate  
Micro 105 FPV Quadcopter - 3D Printed Electrical Engineering Mini Quadcopter with FPV Spying :) Instructables Photo Album of a similar project   Advanced  
Bridge Design with Pasco Structure System Civil Engineering Statics  Pasco    Intermediate  
Mousetrap Vehicles  Mechanical Engineering Force and Motion  Pitsco    Intermediate  
MiniROV with Arduino Computer Science Buoyancy  Google Drive    Introductory  
R2D2 with Littlebits  Computer Science Robotics  Littlebits R2-D2  Download R2-D2 Papercraft   Intermediate  
Rocket Engine (Requires Teacher Monitoring) Aerospace Engineering Energy - Rocket Propulsion  YouTube Engine pack from amazon Launch Controller Rocket Engine Bracket Advanced  
Catapult Design Mechanical Engineering Force and Motion  Pitsco    Intermediate  
Solid-Fuel Rocket Design Aerospace Engineering Force and Motion  Pitsco    Advanced  
$4 WiFi Door Alarm using a ESP8266 Computer Science  Security Instructables    Intermediate  
Air-Powered Dragster Design Mechanical Engineering Friction and Aerodynamics  Pitsco    Intermediate  
Getting Started With Arduino: A Beginner’s Guide Computer Science Beginner guide to use Arduino  Step by step guide What can you do with Arduino   Introductory  
Raspberry Pi FM Radio Station Computer Science Radio Waves & Coding & Linux  Build your own local Radio Station Instructables    Advanced  
10 Skills you need to know before starting to work on Arduino Computer Science Beginner’s Electronics A quick run-down of ten of the most basic DIY electronics skills to help you get started  Beginner’s Electronics    Introductory  
Traffic Control  Computer Science Create a three color traffic light  Traffic Light    Introductory  
Arduino Alarm System Computer Science Alarm system  Arduino alarm system Basic Arduino Alarm System demo   Introductory  
Roll the Dice Computer Science  light one of six LEDs randomly  Roll the Dice    Introductory  
Build Your Own Dynamic Ambient Lighting For A Media Center Computer Science set up an amazing lighting system that’s going to reflect what’s on-screen  Dynamic light Arduino Ambient Lighting using Processing   Introductory  
Build a Battery Tester Computer Science Create a battery tester to test volt  Battery tester    Introductory  
Raspberry Pirate Box Computer Science Local File Sharing & Routing Create your own mini internet  Piratebox    Advanced  
GPS Receiver Computer Science Build a simple GPS receiver  Nostarch    Intermediate  
Create a Keypad Lock Computer Science Keypad controlled lock  Nostarch    Introductory  
Stop the Clock Computer Science Create a stopwatch  Stop the clock    Introductory  
Raspberry Pie Based Server Computer Science Internet & Network Technology Make your own cloud  Arkos    Advanced  
How to Do Arduino-Controlled Intelligent Time-Lapse Photography Computer Science Light-Sensitive and Adjustable Dynamic Time-Lapse Photography  Time Lapse    Introductory  
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