Elementary Science


A 1

Plate Tectonics and Large System`s interactions

A 2

Rocks and Minerals

A 3

Earth's history

A 4

Role of Water in the Earth's surface Process

A 5

Weather and Climate

A 6

Earth, Solar System and  Stars

A 7

Natural Resources

A 8

Natural Hazards


Human Impact


B 1

Structure and Function of organisms

B 2

Growth and Development of organisms

B 3

Matter and energy flow of organisms

B 4

Senses of organisms

B 5


B 6

Heredity: Inheritance of traits

B 7

Heredity: Variation of traits

B 8

Biological Diversity


C 1

Properties of Matter

C 2

Chemical Reactions

C 3

Forces and Motion

C 4

Types of Interactions

C 5

Energy Transfer and Energy in Life

C 6

Waves and Energy

C 7

Light and Optics

C 8

Information technologies and Instrumentation


D 1

Defining Problem

D 2

Develop and using models

D 3

Planning and Carrying out investigations

D 4

Design solutions

D 5

Communicating Information

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Project NameDomainConcept CoveredLink 1Link 2Link 3Link 4DifficultyCommentClassroom Activity
Project NameDomainConcept CoveredLink 1Link 2Link 3Link 4DifficultyCommentClassroom Activity
Balancing Bird Physical Sci Center of Mass Arbor Scientific    Simple   
Invisible Glass Physical Sci Waves:Light and Sound Youtube    Simple   
Single Cartesian Diver Physical Sci Pressure, Properties of Air Arbor Scientific Youtube   Simple   
Marshmallow Experiment Physical Sci Gas Law Arbor Scientific    Medium   
Mystery Stick Physical Sci Light and Sound Arbot Scientific    Medium   
Jelly Marbles Physical Sci Waves: Light and Sound Stevespanglerscience Youtube   Simple   
Infinity Mirror Physical Sci Waves : Light and Sound How to make it ?    Advanced   
Running Colors Physical Sci  Youtube Youtube   Simple   
Barbeque Balloon Life Science  Youtube Youtube   Medium   
Water Treatment Activity Model Life Science Environment Flinn    Medium   
TickleMe Plant Growing Kit Life Science Plants Carolina    Simple   
Hydro-Tube Gardening Kit Life Science Plants Carolina    Simple   
Cactus Garden Life Science Plants Carolina    Simple   
Growing System Life Science Plants Carolina    Simple   
Predator and Food Chain Bingo Life Science Ecosystem Carolina    Simple   
Viscosity comparison  Physical Sci Why we can stand on land but not water? Experiment/Activity    Simple Needed materials: honey, corn syrup, oil, water...  
Butterfly Habitat Set Life Science Ecology Carolina    Simple   
Frog life cycle Life Science Life cycle Carolina    Simple   
Hatching eggs Life Science Life cycle Carolina    Simple   
Understanding DNA Life Science DNA Structure Carolina    Simple   
Strawberry DNA Extraction Life Science DNA Structure Carolina    Simple   
Baking Soda Experiment Physical Sci Change Science Bob    Simple   
Light vs original coke Life Science Density, buoyancy  Video    Simple   
Balancing knives Physical Sci center of mass, balanced force video    Simple   
hard boiled vs raw egg spinning  Physical Sci inertia video    Simple   
Float an egg challenge  Physical Sci density, solubility  video video 2   Simple   
Hydroponics Fish Tank Life Science Life Cycle Amazon    Simple   
Liquid Layer Physical Sci Density Steve Spangler Science Youtube   Simple   
Elephant toothpaste  Life Science Chemical Reaction Steve Spangler Youtube   Medium   
Eating nails for breakfast Life Science Nutritions Steve spangler Youtube   Medium   
Mentos Coke Experiment Physical Sci Newton's Law of motion Steve spangler Youtube   Simple   
Energy Stick Physical Sci Electricity Steve Spangler Youtube   Simple   
Boo bubbles - Dry ice smoke Life Science Sublimation Steve spangler Youtube   Advanced   
Vampire Science Life Science Density Steve Spangler Youtube   Medium   
Dropper Popper Physical Sci Conservation of Energy Youtube Education Innovation    Simple   
Centripetal Force Board Physical Sci Circular Motion Steve Spangler Youtube   Simple   
Fire tornado Earth&Space Sci Weather formation Steve Spangler Tornado in a bottle   Medium   
Lynx Eats Hare Life Science Interdependence in Ecosystems-Predator&Prey Flinn    Simple   
Owl Pellet Study Life Science Interdependence in Ecosystems-Food Chain Carolina    Medium   
Fast Plants Life Cycle Life Science Inheritance and Variation of Traits Carolina    Advanced   
Human Genetic Traits Life Science Inheritance and Variations of Traits Carolina    Medium   
Play-doh Circuits Physical Sci Electric Circuits Youtube    Simple   
Stick Bug Survival Life Science Interdependent Relations in Ecosystems Flinn    Simple   
Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Cycle Life Science Matter and Energy in Organisms https://ali2.acceleratelearning.com/scopes/105/elements/6187    Medium copy and paste this link in the address bar of your browser after loging in StemScopes   
Make Glowing Water Earth&Space Sci chemical properties Link to project video   Simple   
Gravity Free Water Earth&Space Sci air pressure, atmospheric pressure Project link video   Simple   
Spinning penny in a balloon Earth&Space Sci gravity, centripetal force, planets orbiting video    Simple   
Bending water Physical Sci  Project link    Simple   
Taste Testing Without Smell Life Science Smell and taste sensors Project link    Simple   
Stick foam plate and balloon to walls Earth&Space Sci static electricity, how lightning forms, charging in clouds.  Picture to explain video for balloon   Simple just rub the plate to the wall and let it stick! Same for the balloon.   
Straw through Potato Physical Sci pressure project link video   Simple   
Rainbow glasses Earth&Space Sci how rainbow forms video item to order or ask HS science teacher to borrow some!    Simple   
Grow it and Wear it! B-3 Plants, matter and energy flow Raft    Simple   
Grasping with Straws: Make a Robot Hand D-3 Develop and using models Science Buddies    Simple   
Jewel House B-3 Energy from the Sun becomes food, Plants, matter, energy flow  Raft    Simple   
The Germinator B-3 Biodiversity Botany Measurement Plant Growth Scientific Method Raft    Medium   
LEAF MIXTURE CHROMATOGRAPHY B-1 Chromatography  Mixtures  Photosynthesis  Pigments  Properties of Materials  Solutions Raft    Simple   
Bridging the Gap  D-4 Forces, Engineering, Design Raft    Simple   
CAR ON A ROLL C-5  Motion  Momentum  Friction  Simple Machines  Kinematics  Conservation of Energy Raft    Simple   
Catapult C-3 Motion & Forces, History of technology Raft    Simple   
HOVERCRAFT C-3 Friction  Air Pressure  Motion  Inertia Raft    Simple   
Simple Machines  A-1 Force and Interactions: Pushes and Pulls Pitsco    Medium   
Rollback Car C-3 Energy Transfer Raft    Simple   
Showing 63 items
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