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Project NameWith Student HandoutModuleConceptLink 1Link 2Link 3Safety PrecautionsSTEM SOS
Project NameWith Student HandoutModuleConceptLink 1Link 2Link 3Safety PrecautionsSTEM SOS
Christmas of Chemistry No Solutions  Solubility, Miscellaneous Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Goldenrod Messages No Solutions  Acids and Beses YouTube    Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Bubble Thing No Solutions  Surface tension Flinn scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Upset Tummy? Mom to the Rescue No Solutions  Acids and Bases,Solubility Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Indicator Sponge Yes Solutions  Acid Base indicators YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Chameleon Solution No Solutions  Chemical Equilibrium Youtube 1   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Ferrofluid Nanotechnology No Solutions  Physical properies of matter Flinn scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
The Ammonia Fountain  No Solutions  Solubility Chemagic pdf YouTube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
How to dissolve Polystyrene foam No Solutions  Dissolution  Youtube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Cool Light No Solutions  Chemiluminescence  Flinn scientific Lab manual Youtube Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Overhead Equilibrium Reaction No Solutions  LeCh,telier's Principle, equilibrium, complex ions. Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Dissolving Paper No Solutions  Solubility Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Goldenrod Paper Message-magic carnations No Solutions  Acids and Bases steve spangler steve spangler Web page Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Separation of a Solution Yes Solutions  Separation of a Solution YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice No Solutions  Acid Base - Chemical reactions Carolina  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Melting Mole Dollars No Solutions  Solubility Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
The Crystal Forest No Solutions  Solubility-chromatography Flinn scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Ruby Red Colloidal Gold No Solutions  Nanotechnology demonstration Flinn Scientific YouTube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Magic Color Changing Flower  No Solutions  Acids and bases Steve Spangler YouTube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
pH Rainbow Yes Solutions  Acids and Bases YouTube YouTube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Chemical Garden  No Solutions  Salts Youtube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Aloha Chemical Sunset No Solutions  Solution Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Dry Ice Bubble Yes Solutions  Indicators YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Counterfeit Money Detector Pen No Solutions  Indicator Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision No 
Color changing milk No Solutions  Mixtures,hydrophobicity Steve Spangler Steve Spangler  Adult Supervision No 
Disappearing Rainbow No Solutions  Solutions and Acid-Base Chemistry Flinn Scientific Lab manual   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Acid Neutralization in Nature Yes Solutions  Acids and Bases Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Instant Freeze Water No Matter and Energy Freezing point Youtube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Fluorescence of Tonic Water Yes Matter and Energy Electron excitation YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker No Matter and Energy Melting points Steve Spangler   Adult Supervision No 
Safe Swimming with Sodium No Matter and Energy Alkali metals, density, immiscible liquids. Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Dancing Raisins No Matter and Energy Archimedes’ Principle Steve Spangler YouTube  Adult Supervision No 
UV Color Changing Beads No Matter and Energy Physical properties of matter Steve Spangler   Adult Supervision No 
Oil Spill Cleanup Yes Matter and Energy Separation of Mixtures YouTube YouTube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
The Two-Potato Clock No Matter and Energy energy Flinn scientific   Adult Supervision No 
Super Duper Polymer Gel No Matter and Energy Polymers, viscosity. Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Melting gallium spoon No Matter and Energy Metals Where to order Youtube  Adult Supervision No 
Balloon Needle Kit No Matter and Energy Polymers Flinn scientific   Adult Supervision No 
Fire proof balloons  No Matter and Energy Properties of Matter Steve Spangler   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Hand Boiler No Matter and Energy Boiling Point Flinn scientific   Adult Supervision No 
Happy/Sad Balls No Matter and Energy Polymer chemistry Flinn Scientific YouTube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Chromatography  Yes Matter and Energy Separation of Mixtures YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Bubbling Lava lamp No Matter and Energy Mixtures Steve Spangler   Adult Supervision No 
Extraction and Isolation of Caffeine No Matter and Energy Properties of matter Flinn scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Ice Melting Blocks No Matter and Energy Properties of matter Flinn scientific   Adult Supervision No 
Light a candle without touching a flame No Matter and Energy States of Matter YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Sugar Rainbow No Matter and Energy Density Steve Spangler YouTube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Layered Liquids No Matter and Energy Density Youtube 1 Youtube 2  Adult Supervision No 
Putt Putt Boat No Matter and Energy Energy conversion Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Sharpie Pen No Matter and Energy Chromatography Steve Spangler   Adult Supervision No 
Surface Tension Jar No Matter and Energy Surface tension, air pressure, cohesion.  Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision No 
Instant snow No Matter and Energy Polymers Youtube Steve Spangler  Adult Supervision No 
Corn Starch No Matter and Energy Non-Newtonian fluid  Youtube Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Jelly Marbles No Matter and Energy Polymers Youtube 1 Google site Steve Spangler Adult Supervision No 
Magic sand No Matter and Energy Polymers Youtube Steve Spangler Google sites Adult Supervision No 
Egg in the bottle No Matter and Energy Properties of matter Youtube 1 Youtube 2  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Burning Money No Matter and Energy Combustion  YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Baby Diaper Secret No Matter and Energy Polymers  YouTube Web page  Adult Supervision No 
Invisible ink No Matter and Energy Chemiluminescence  Youtube Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Writing with Electricity No Matter and Energy Electrochemistry  Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Tornado Tube No Matter and Energy Hydraulic principles Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision No 
Growing Creatures No Matter and Energy Polymers-Water absorption Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Do Not Open Bottle - Soda Prank No Matter and Energy Properties of matter - Atmospheric Pressure Youtube Youtube Steve Spangler Adult Supervision No 
Whoosh Bottle No Gases and Thermochemistry  Thermochemistry, Combustion Reactions Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Cold Reaction Yes Gases and Thermochemistry  Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Fountain Connection No Gases and Thermochemistry  Air pressure Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Cloud in a bottle No Gases and Thermochemistry  High and Low pressure Youtube Web page  Adult Supervision No 
Gas Solubility Yes Gases and Thermochemistry  Solubility of Gases    Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Up, Up and Away- Hot Air Balloon Activity No Gases and Thermochemistry  Properties of gas Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Ammonia Fountain No Gases and Thermochemistry  Solubility of gases in liquid YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher No Gases and Thermochemistry  Gas density YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
The Chef (Cooking with CaO) No Gases and Thermochemistry  Exothermic reactions, heats of reaction Flinn Scientific Youtube Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Heat of Solution Yes Gases and Thermochemistry  Endothermic and Exothermic reactions YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Solubility of CO2 Yes Gases and Thermochemistry  Solubility of Gases    Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Charles Law No Gases and Thermochemistry  Gas laws You Tube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Hook - Cartesian Diver No Gases and Thermochemistry  Gas laws  Flinn scientific   Adult Supervision No 
Diffusion of Gases No Gases and Thermochemistry  Diffusion, kinetic-molecular theory.  Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Flameless Ration Heaters Yes Gases and Thermochemistry  Thermochemistry YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Boiling in a Syringe  No Gases and Thermochemistry  Effect of pressure on boiling point Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Shaving Cream Under Vacuum No Gases and Thermochemistry  Pressure-Volume relation  YouYube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Magnetic Marbles Collision Theory Activity No Gases and Thermochemistry  Collision Theory  Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision No 
Thermoelectric Generator No Gases and Thermochemistry  Thermodynamics Carolina   Adult Supervision No 
Tin Sponge Yes Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Chemecial Reactions YouTube Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Mystical Tree  No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Chemical change Carolina   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Colorful Electrolysis Demo No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Electrochemistry Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Al displaces Cu Yes Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Redox Reactions  YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Stop and Go Reaction Yes Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Redox Reactions YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Smashing Thermit Reaction No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Oxidation-reduction, exothermic reaction, activation energy, thermit reaction. Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Water Electrolysis No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Decomposition reaction YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Can crash and Volume of balloons  No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Gas laws YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Iodine Clock Reaction No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Kinetics, catalysts, clock reactions. Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
The Heat Solution Instant Handwarmer No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Equilibrium Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Old Foamey Yes Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Catalysts, exothermic reactions, gases, oxidation-reduction.  YouTube YouTube Flinn Scientific Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Put a shine on it (Silver Plating) No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Oxidation-Reduction Youtube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Mentos Geyser No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Gas release after Chemical Reaction Youtube 1 Youtube 2 Steve Spangler Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Chemystery of Halloween No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Reactions  Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Polyurethane Foam No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Organic Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
The Cinnamon Clock Reaction No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Kinetics Flinn Scientific YouTube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Oxidation and Reduction of Copper  No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Redox Reaction Youtube 1 Youtube 2  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Old Glory No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Chemical reactions, double replacement. Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Making Nylon  No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Organic chemistry Youtube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Formula of Precipitate Yes Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Chemical Reaction    Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Silver Mirror Award No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Oxidation-Reduction Flinn Scientific Youtube  Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Magic Genie No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Catalysts Flinn Scientific YouTube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Burning of Mg No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Types of chemical reactions YouTube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Naked Egg  No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Chemical reaction YouTube Steve Spangler  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Blue Bottle Reaction Yes Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Reaction Kinetics and Rate wevideo   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
The Gold Rush No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Oxidation-reduction Flinn Scientific YouTube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Colorful Silicate Garden No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Cyrstal Structures Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Now You See It, Now You Don't - An Oscillating Chemical Reaction No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Oscillating Reaction Flinn Scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Balloon Race Yes Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Stoiciometry Youtube   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Homemade fire extinguisher  No Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Chemical Reactions Youtube Steve Spangler  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Reversible Tin Man  Yes Bonding and Chemical Reactions  Redox Reactions YouTube YouTube YouTube Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
Indirect Observation and Inference No Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry  Models of atom Flinn scientific   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Energy in Photons No Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry  Phosphorescence, transmittance, absorption, emission.  Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Atomic theory  No Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry  Atomic Theory Carolina   Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS No 
Flame Tests No Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry  Flame test Flinn Scientific Youtube  Adult Supervision, Apron, Goggle,Gloves,MSDS Yes 
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