How to start

What can you control about your car?
  • The four things that you can really control
    • Electrical efficiency 
    • Losses due to electrical electrical resistance 
    • Losses due to poor gearing
    • Weight 
    • Rolling friction
    • Aerodynamic drag

 Possible Order of Decisions
  • Find your motor. For example:
    •  an ETEK motor runs at 48 volts. Plan for sufficient batteries to operate motor at the optimum efficiency A 48v motor will require require four 12volts. 
  • Batteries,two 24 volt batteries, etc. [The number of batteries will coop with your frame] 
  • Plan your solar array so that, it can efficiently charge your batteries batteries. A 48v motor will require at least 52 volts coming in from your solar array and producing approximately 15 amps. 
  • How many amps do you need to meet your power settings?

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