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Lesson 01c: Motion in One Dimension
Lesson 02c: Motion in Two Dimensions
Lesson 03c: Newton's First Law
Lesson 04c: Newton's Second Law
Lesson 05c: Newton's Third Law
Lesson 06c: Applications of Newton's Laws
Lesson 07c: Work and Work-Energy Theorem
Lesson 08c: Conservative Forces and Potential energy
Lesson 09c: Conservation of Energy
Lesson 10c: Power
Lesson 11c: Center of Mass
Lesson 12c: Impulse and Momentum
Lesson 13c: Conservation of Linear Momentum
Lesson 14c: Uniform Circular Motion
Lesson 15c: Angular Momentum
Lesson 16c: Torque and Rotational Statics
Lesson 17c: Rotational Kinematics and Dynamics
Lesson 18c: Simple Harmonic Motion
Lesson 19c: Mass on a Spring
Lesson 20c: Pendulum and Other Oscillations
Lesson 21b: Hydrostatic Pressure
Lesson 21c: Newton's Law of Gravity
Lesson 22b: Buoyancy
Lesson 22c: Orbits of Planets and Satellites
Lesson 23b: Fluid Flow Continuity
Lesson 23c: Electric Charges and Coulomb's Law
Lesson 24b: Bernoulli's Equation
Lesson 24c: Electric Fields
Lesson 25b: Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
Lesson 25c: Electric Potential
Lesson 26b: Specific and Latent Heat
Lesson 26c: Gauss’s Law
Lesson 27b: Heat Transfer and Thermal Expansion
Lesson 27c: Electrostatics with Conductors
Lesson 28b: Ideal Gases
Lesson 28c: Capacitors
Lesson 29b: Laws of Thermodynamics
Lesson 29c: Dielectrics
Lesson 30c: Current, Resistance, Power
Lesson 31c: DC Circuits with Batteries and Resistors
Lesson 32c: Capacitors in Circuits
Lesson 33c: Forces on Moving Charges
Lesson 34c: Forces on Current-carrying Wires in Magnetic Fields
Lesson 35c: Fields of Long, Current-carrying Wires
Lesson 36c: Biot-Savart and Ampere’s Law
Lesson 37c: Electromagnetic Induction
Lesson 38c: Inductance
Lesson 39c: Maxwell’s Equations
Lesson 42b: Wave Basics
Lesson 43b: Properties of Traveling Waves
Lesson 44b: Properties of Standing Waves
Lesson 45b: Sound Waves and Doppler Shift
Lesson 46c: Interference and Diffraction
Lesson 47b: Dispersion of Light and the EM spectrum
Lesson 48b: Reflection and Refraction
Lesson 49b: Mirrors
Lesson 50b: Lenses
Lesson 51b: Photons and the Photoelectric Effect
Lesson 52b: Atomic Energy Levels
Lesson 53b: Wave-particle Duality
Lesson 54b: Nuclear Reactions
Lesson 55b: Mass-Energy Equivalence